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Google Maps 9.71 Beta prepares to show battery stats in location sharing and make several improvements for mass transit [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google Maps began rolling out this week. Unlike most recent releases, this one doesn't seem to be packed to the gills with new features. Even the teardown brings a fairly minimal number of clues for new things. Nevertheless, it looks like Google may be adding battery stats to shared locations and lining up several small-ish improvements to mass transit support.

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Google Maps contextual departure times for transit notifications roll out to more users

Bear with us here. We recently started receiving reports of a "new" notification from Google Maps that shows contextual departure times for public transport when you're near a station. Our own Ryne, who often uses public transport, also started seeing them a few days ago. However, upon asking some readers for their experience, we learned that this notification isn't exactly new. While some have reported never seeing it before this week, others say it surfaced a couple of months ago, and some even maintain that's it been there for years.

The confusion, it seems, stems from the fact that the Google app has had similar transit notifications for a long time and has been surfacing them for at least a year, whereas this notification is coming from the Maps app.

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