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Martian Watches shuts down, remaining mVoice G2 watches will not be shipped

Martian Watches is a wearables company founded in 2007, most known for its mVoice line of hybrid smartwatches. We reviewed the original mVoice in early 2017, and later that year, the company launched a Kickstarter for the second-gen model. Unfortunately, Martian is now shutting down, after it failed to raise enough funds to complete production of the mVoice G2.

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Martian mVoice smartwatch review: Having all of the features does not always make a good watch

I love watches and wear one all the time. So I was one of those who got really excited when the first smartwatches started hitting shelves, and I remain someone who likes them. I have owned a few Android Wear devices, a couple of Pebbles, and I've even tried out the Apple Watch and various iterations of Samsung's offerings over the years. What I have not tried, until now, is the so-called "hybrid smartwatch."

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