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Behance Gets A Splash Of Material Design, Marshmallow Support, And A Job Board

Behance's website is a way for creative professionals (photographers, artists, designers) to showcase their work online in a neat and accessible portfolio that also brings them together with a community of similar folks. For an app that's focused on showcasing design, Behance was slacking, but not a lot. It looked good, but there were a few refinements and different approaches in Material Design that weren't yet implemented in it. Today, those little improvements have gone live in the latest version 3.0.

Don't expect the ground to shift below your feet when you open the app for the first time after the update.

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PSA: If Some Apps Like Google+ Aren't Working Well On Marshmallow, Check Their Permissions, They Might Not Know To Ask For The Ones They Need

Over the past couple of days, Marshmallow's official release has been making its way to us as Nexus factory images and OTA updates for Nexus and Android One devices. Like us, you've probably rushed to download this stable release and started using it, turning it upside down, and checking all the cool features it packs. One such feature, however, may be causing trouble to some of your apps without you noticing: App Permissions.

Take for example Google+. When you start writing a new post, you're usually faced with a text field and an image box beneath it that shows thumbnails of your last photos for easy insertion in the post.

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