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[Update: T-Mobile too] Sprint's HTC Desire 626s Gets Marshmallow OTA Update

The Desire 626s is a midrange device that HTC announced about a year ago and released a month later in the US. By today's standards, it's even quite low-end with its Snapdragon 210, 1.5GB of RAM, 5" 720p display, and 8MP/2MP camera setup.

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May Nexus Factory Images Are Now Available For Download

It's the first Monday of May, and that means there are some new factory images and OTAs for the Nexus line. As usual, these new firmware packages include the latest security patches from the preceding month, and possibly some bug fixes and optimizations, as well. While we'll be looking for changes in the AOSP changelog (coming soon), Google has posted the security bulletin to explain the major risks that that have been fixed in this release.

Google took special care to point out that the security bulletin has been renamed (from "Nexus" to "Android") to reflect its relationship to all devices running Android, not just those directly supported by Google.

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[Update: M5C14J For The Pixel C] Nexus Factory Images With April's Security Updates Are Now Available

We're a few days into a new month, which means it's time for a fresh set of security updates for the Nexus family and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Factory images are available for most of the actively maintained devices, though it looks like the Pixel C is still waiting its turn. OTAs should also begin rolling out shortly, if they haven't already.

Google has already posted the associated security bulletin for April's update.

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Nexus Factory Images For March Security Updates Are Now Available

As is the (new-ish) tradition, Google rolls out security updates on the first Monday of each month. The factory images for March's updates are right on schedule with all of the recent fixes to shore up potential vulnerabilities in the operating system. LMY49H is the build number for the Nexus 10 update, which will remain cut off at Lollipop. Most of the other devices on the list are moving up to MMB29V, though a few other build numbers are available for special variants. It looks like there may still be a couple of missing images, like the Nexus 6P. Just keep checking back and they'll probably turn up shortly.

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Google Has Started Rolling Out Marshmallow For Android Wear

Evidence has been mounting over the last few days and it looks like it's finally happening: Android 6.0 for Wear is starting to roll out. Googler Wayne Piekarski just announced on his Google+ feed that OTAs have begun and should continue over the next few weeks.

An official blog post by Google lists some of the new features we can expect in the new firmware, including: newly navigation gestures, audio support on speaker-equipped watches, and expanded support for messaging clients.

In Piekarski's post, he reminds developers that the API 23 SDK is already out, but that nobody should remove support for API 22 until the rollout is complete.

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Google Messenger v1.7 Adds A Wear App That Won't Work Until Wear Gets Marshmallow [APK Teardown]

It has been a little while since we've seen an update to Messenger, so something potentially big was expected from this release. Version 1.7 doesn't seem to bring any visible changes, but like a sugary cereal box, there is a cool toy hidden inside. Messenger will have its own Android Wear app, just like Keep, Play Music, and a few others. But in a quirky twist, this mini app can't be installed quite yet, not until your Wear watch receives an update to Marshmallow.

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[Update: One M9 RUU] HTC Starts Rolling Out Android 6.0.1 To The Unlocked One A9, 6.0 To The One M9

It was merely a couple of weeks ago that Mo Versi announced on Twitter that some Marshmallow goodies were on track for December release on HTC's latest flagships, the One A9 and One M9. Now according to him, the updates are ready to roll out on both devices, just in time for Christmas. I think HTC likes the idea of being the Santa of OTA updates.

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HTC: Unlocked One M9 Will Get Marshmallow Before Year's End, Same For One A9's Android 6.0.1 Update

HTC VP Mo Versi took to Twitter this morning to inform owners of the company's plans for the One M9's Marshmallow update, as well as the all-new A9's incoming bump to Android 6.0.1 (it ships with 6.0). Specifically, both devices can expect their respective software upgrades some time this month if all goes according to plan.

The unlocked One M8 is already getting Marshmallow, so while it is a bit odd that the newer M9 will be getting it later, at least it won't be that much later.

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[Update: And It's Done] Android 6.0 Marshmallow Is Being Uploaded To AOSP Right Now


Android M Begins Locking Down Floating Apps, Requires Users To Grant Special Permission To Draw On Other Apps


Floating apps have become emblematic of Android's unique flexibility and range. No other mobile OS allows non-system apps to directly interact with users and overtake the screen while another app is supposed to be in the foreground. This capability allows for a powerful and customizable user experience, but it can also quickly become a problem if an app is poorly implemented or its developer abuses this privilege for malicious purposes.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is setting some new rules for drawing on the screen. Starting with Developer Preview 3, apps targeting API 23 (or above) will have to ask users to grant permission for them to draw on top of other apps.

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