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Mars: Mars is a delightful low-poly platformer mixed with an endless runner

NASA has plans in place to send astronauts to Mars in the next few decades. When they get there, I imagine it'll be pretty much exactly like Mars: Mars. This game takes place on Mars as you hop between platforms, exploring the surface, taking selfies (even Curiosity does it), and bringing new explorers to the planet.

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[New Game] Crescent Moon Games' Steam-Greenlit 'Mines Of Mars' Is Now Out For Android

Crescent Moon Games' latest Android release has a good amount of support behind it, having been greenlit by the Steam community to port the game over to Valve's platform. Mines of Mars, which has already attracted positive reviews in the week it's been available for iOS, should provide Android gamers with another of the more in-depth experiences to hit the platform.

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