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Google Maps revamps navigation settings, lets you force the dark color scheme all the time

Google Maps keeps on rolling one change after the other. In October alone, we've seen the new Commute tab and music controls, overhauled hotel listings, star ratings on the map, EV charging stationsdish tagging, and more. But there's one more change that was spotted a couple of weeks ago that we would have missed if it weren't for our active tipsters: a revamped settings screen for navigation.

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The Red Dead Redemption II Companion app can help you navigate the fictional frontier

Red Dead Redemption II dropped at midnight on Friday, so if you're reading this, you've probably already put somewhere between a few and 40 hours into it. But in a game of this scale, there's plenty to see, and developer Rockstar Games has released a companion app for smartphones and tablets that'll help you find your way around.

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You can now follow businesses in Google Maps for Android

Do you have some favorite haunts around town? Well, now you can do more than star or save them in Maps—you can also follow them. Following a business gets you updates on events and promotions inside Maps. This feature is rolling out today on Android only.

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Google to embed user-friendly data privacy controls into Search, Maps, and more

It seems like a new data privacy scandal crops up every day for some major tech company or another (okay, mostly Facebook) — but Google is working to opt out of that pattern. The tech giant has announced that it is building data privacy controls — and clear explanations of what it does with user data — into Search itself, on both desktop and mobile. Additionally, it notes that it'll give the same treatment to Maps next year, along with "many other Google products."

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Google Maps to put star ratings right on the map


Maps on Android Auto is getting a new layout and Material makeover

When you're hopping into your car and starting up navigation with Google Maps, you might be in for a surprise as the UI is getting some pretty significant changes. This isn't just about adding rounded corners or tweaking some colors, a few parts of the UI have been moved around and behave a bit differently, so your muscle memory might work against you for a little while as you get adjusted.

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Google Maps is showing a new Photos section in the Explore tab

With a redesign to bring it in line with the latest Material Design guidelines and a renewed focus on curated content, Google Maps is now a very different beast. The latest addition, spotted by one of our readers, is a Photos section in the Explore tab.

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FYI: Google Maps can suggest parking spots near your destination

It can be tough to pinpoint when specific features go live, given Google's penchant for silently flipping switches and subsequent, months-later announcements. In this case, we know Maps has been prepping for near-route parking since early last year, and some time between then and now, (likely around the beginning of this year) that switch was flipped for at least some of us. So, in case you weren't aware, Maps can suggest spots to park while en route to your destination.

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[Why?] Google Maps tests a standalone Map tab, separating it from the driving and transit views

You open a maps application, you expect to see a map of where you are. It's common sense, yet we have to start this news article with this pretty basic knowledge bit. The reason? Whoever is behind the latest Google Maps server-side test seems to have missed that "Map app making 101" lesson and went free-styling with their own ideas.

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Google makes it easier for veterans to find jobs, as well as businesses led by other service members

As with many other large businesses in the US, you'll find plenty of former military personnel working at Google. Some of them have put their heads together to come up with some ways to make things easier for veterans as they move on to the next phase of their life.

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