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Google Maps adds speed limits while driving, easy-to-see business hours

We've got a two-in-one deal in UI tweaks if you spend crucial time in Google Maps. One is a toggle for making speed limits disappear from your navigation view, the other brings business hours without the need for search. Each have their catches.

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[Update: Laggy but not broken] Google Maps rolling out public event creation to some users

Yesterday, we spotted a new bit of documentation on the Google Maps Help site: a page detailing the process to add a public event through the Google Maps Android app. The feature is even live right now, though its behavior is a bit inconsistent in our tests, and isn't present for everyone.

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Google Maps’ futuristic AR walking navigation is now in testing by Level 5+ Local Guides

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal got a hands-on with Google Maps' upcoming artificial reality-based walking navigation feature. Local Guides were said to be getting access to this as well, though very few had actually gotten the feature. AR navigation has now rolled out to Local Guides level 5 and up, and it looks pretty cool.

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Google Maps will use your camera to determine your location more accurately

Have you ever come out of the subway running late for a meeting with no clue which way you're supposed to go? Sure, Maps will tell you how to get to your appointment, but only if it's aware of where you are and what direction you're facing. Sometimes it "thinks" it knows these, even though the data it's being fed is inaccurate. You're then in for some impromptu outdoor trivia: Try to figure out which path to follow by checking if the blue dot is moving in the same direction you're supposed to. If it's not, it probably means your compass is not calibrated, so you can start frenetically shaking your phone in an 8 shape to see if it'll eventually point the right way.

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Google Maps is finally getting that crazy AR walking navigation, testing with Local Guides

Back in May, Google showcased an innovative navigation system that leveraged the phone's camera to provide augmented reality GPS guidance. Although the demo was very promising, the feature wasn't expected to be immediately available, even for testing. However, the company is now letting select people, mostly Local Guides with access to a preview version of Maps, use the feature, and David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal was among the lucky ones to give it a first try.

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Weekend poll: Which do you use more, Google Maps or Waze?

In the last week, Google Maps has been rolling out some welcome navigational improvements. We've got support for speed limits and speed traps, now, both of which sound pretty familiar. As this Waze-ification of Maps continues, we realize we've never actually asked our readers: Which of the two apps do you use more?

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Google Maps speed limit feature goes live for some across the United States

If you've never heard of speed limits popping up in Google Maps, we can't blame you. As of July 2017, Maps' speed limit feature was only confirmed to work in two areas: the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There's been little news since then, but tonight we received three tips from different parts of the US showing that speed limits were live in Maps.

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Google Maps finally gets usable voice commands with Assistant integration

Today Google is (finally!) announcing its rollout of real Assistant integration into Google Maps, though it was spotted in testing late last year, and announced at I/O. Gone are the days of limited voice controls in navigation. Soon we'll all be able to harness Google's full Assistant and all its enhanced functionality — from asking to play music, read/reply to messages, sharing Maps' ETA, and even add new stops on your way.

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Google's Find My Device can now map out exactly where you left your phone inside some buildings

Find My Device is a lifesaver feature for the absentminded among us. Even if you've just left your phone in the couch cushions, you can use the feature to ring it. Now, the service has picked up a new feature that can help in more dire circumstances: it can now show where your phone is on an indoor map of some large buildings, like malls and airports.

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Google is testing crash and speed trap reporting in Maps

Ever since Google bought Waze, we've been waiting for some of its more popular features to worm their way into Maps. A few months back, we got a hint from an APK Teardown that Google was preparing to add incident reports to Maps. Now, this feature seems to be appearing for at least some Maps users.

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