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HTC Releases An App For Its 'Ice View' See-Through Case For The HTC 10

HTC really wants to make a cool transparent case for its flagship devices. It started with the One M8 and the "Dot View" case, which adapted the windowed covers first released by Samsung and LG into a grid with Lite Brite-style holes to view the screen underneath. There was a revised Dot View case for the One M9, but for the new HTC 10, we're getting a redesigned and completely transparent "Ice View" case. Like the previous iterations, HTC has released a specialized app in the Play Store to let users operate the case.

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The Giant Samsung Galaxy View Tablet Gets A Custom CNN News App

The Galaxy View is big. Really, really big - the 18.4-inch device seems to be intended as a tabletop computer rather than a conventional portable tablet. Samsung's custom version of Android will make good use of the extra space, but even the tablet apps on the Play Store probably aren't well-formatted for a screen the size of a small PC monitor. To make sure users are getting a good experience on their Galaxy View, CNN has made an app especially for the tablet... probably with a little encouragement (read: payment) from Samsung.

"CNN for Samsung Galaxy View" is, of course, only compatible with the Galaxy View, but it's been published to the Play Store presumably for the sake of easy updates.

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HTC's New 'Restore' App Is Only For Android 6.0 Devices (Which HTC Doesn't Have Yet)

HTC has promised to reveal an Android 6.0-powered device on October 20th, and that event is just around the corner next Tuesday. But the company hasn't released any upgrades for its current devices just yet (not that anyone really expected them to at this point). Despite that, HTC just released a new app on the Play Store, HTC Restore, which is only compatible with Marshmallow HTC phones. All none of them. Presumably the app is on the Play Store in advance of that new phone, which we expect to be the HTC One A9 "Aero."

image (7) image (8) image (9)

The app is...

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Motorola Publishes A New HDTV Tuner App On The Play Store, But You Probably Can't Use It

Mobile TV seems like a natural and obvious thing. That's why Sony sold a gajillion of those little portable TVs in the eighties, and why streaming of movies and TV shows has exploded on mobile platforms. So why, then, has mobile television streaming only taken off in a few markets? It seems like adding "unlimited free video with no data charges" to your phone's spec sheet would be something that would appeal to everyone.

image (1) image (3) image (4)

Anyway. Motorola has a new mobile HDTV app available now, called... Mobile HDTV. It looks really similar to the other Motorola TV app, Mobile TV.

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HTC Uploads Its 'Car' Driving Homescreen App To The Play Store

At this point in my life, I never actually know where I am at any given moment. I simply trust Google Maps to tell me, and to get me home with its turn-by-turn driving directions. This kind of incredibly reckless lifestyle requires a decent car dock (like this one) and preferably a homescreen that's easy to use without taking your focus off the road.

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HTC Publishes Its Scribble Notebook App In The Google Play Store

HTC Scribble is now available in the Play Store. What's that? You've never heard of HTC Scribble? You're in good company, then - it's one of those little add-on features in Sense that doesn't get much press... on account of it not being very useful. Scribble is basically a digital scrapbooking app made to highlight some other features of Sense, like Zoe and some rudimentary stylus support. The app was introduced on the plus-sized HTC One Max, but may be available for other One devices.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

HTC bills Scribble as a super-flexible way to do everything from making a digital collage to keeping track of a budget, but aside from a few neat extras like the ability to take a photo inside the app itself, it's probably more unwieldy than dedicated apps.

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[New App] Motorola Alert Lets Your Friends And Loved Ones Track You Down In An Emergency [Update: Compatibility To Expand Soon]

Update: according to this post by Punit Soni, the app is indeed exclusive to the Moto E for the time being. Other Motorola phones (Moto G, Moto X, and the Droids) will get access to Alert at some point.

My grandmother is 76 years old, and I've finally convinced her that taking her ancient RAZR V3 cell phone on the tractor when she mows the pasture is a good idea. Not because she actually uses it, but because the thought of her having to walk across 80 acres of snake-infested coastal when something goes wrong is a sobering one. Motorola knows the practical use of a cell phone in an emergency, and is augmenting it with a new app.

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