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Paradox Interactive have released Prison Architect: Mobile for good behavior

Prior to today, Prison Architect: Mobile was only available as a soft launch title in a few select countries. Well, that changes forthwith as it is officially available right now for all of us to enjoy. Well, to be specific, those of us with a tablet can enjoy it. Sadly the game is not compatible with non-tablet devices. But those of you who do happen to own an Android tablet, then it would appear that you are in luck.

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Microsoft launches Android app to manage its Azure cloud computing platform

Yesterday Microsoft launched a new Android app for its cloud computing platform Azure. Administrators using the service will probably find the convenience of being able to check on things with their Android devices helpful. It even provides notifications and alerts in the event of specific problems, making it that much easier for your work to find you at home.

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Google Releases Cloud Console Beta App For Managing Google Cloud Services

Does your business, service, app, or other technological entity rely on Google's enterprise cloud services to function? Then you might want some way to manage that service from your phone or tablet. Here it is: the Cloud Console app for Android. This handy little tool is currently in beta, but those who rely on Google's hosting and virtualizing service will surely be able to overlook that. The app has been popping in and out of the Play Store for the last week, so we threw it onto APK Mirror in case it disappears again.

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The app allows you to monitor one or more cloud accounts, viewing resources for Google's App Engine and Compute Engine services.

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Unclouded Hits Version 2.0 With Updated Design, Support For Box And One Drive, And More


As time progresses, I find myself with more and more cloud storage to manage. Typically, I try to stick with Google Drive and Dropbox but increasingly - despite their fairly intuitive interfaces - managing the actual files that fill up my storage space seems like a hassle. Luckily, there's an app that makes my storage situation as clear as I could hope - Unclouded.

Christian Göllner's Unclouded, if you missed our coverage at launch, is an app that helps "explore, analyze and clean your cloud storage." It hit version 2.0 today, with a long list of new features and improvements.

Besides support for Box and Onedrive, the app has new premium features including a dark theme and security options allowing users to protect their info with a PIN, password, or pattern.

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Trello For Android Takes 'First Foray Into Material Design' With New Update

Trello for Android, a popular task management app that describes itself as "a whiteboard with super powers," got a big update today, introducing the app's "first foray into material design." The update comes with revamped layouts, new navigation paradigms, and tons of aesthetic improvements.

In a post to the Trello blog, Dan Lew explains that the revamp was "a ton of work," noting that not a single corner of the interface went unnoticed - the entire interface was given close inspection with Google's new design philosophies in mind, but Lew stresses that the core experience remains the same.


Those not running Android Lollipop needn't worry - the app is compatible with 4.0.3 and above, with most of the app's material-inspired goodness available to anyone running the app (some things, as Lew rightfully notes, simply aren't possible on older platforms yet).

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Google Stars Appears To Be Back As 'Bookmark Manager' For Chrome

We've been seeing bits and pieces (and fully functional prototypes) of Google Stars for a long time now. The tool, which for now acts as a replacement for Chrome's bookmark manager, has been in development even longer, but it looks like the Chrome extension might finally be ready to roll (assuming it doesn't get pulled again) as Google released "Bookmark Manager" to the Chrome Web Store earlier today.

Despite the new name, the extension takes over chrome://bookmarks just as before, with options to organize bookmarks into folders, give those folders descriptions, and even share folders with others. Of course the interface for adding a bookmark is also updated.

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A Brief Look At How Android's Notification Shade Could Learn From Google's Inbox

Google's Inbox implements a really smart management paradigm - specifically, users can swipe in one direction to "snooze" a message (designating a time at which the message will reappear in the inbox), or swipe the other way to mark the message "done," essentially archiving it. Steve Albright, in a post to Google+, recently opined that this paradigm might find a good home among all of Android's notifications, rather than being confined to Inbox messages.

At the suggestion of another Google+ user I follow (Derek Traini), I decided to give the idea some thought, and work up at least a preliminary interface sketch for how something like this would work.

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Adobe Releases Creative Cloud Preview For Android To View And Manage Cloud-Based Files (Including PSD And AI)

Adobe's latest Android creation is Creative Cloud (preview), a file management tool connected - as the name suggests - to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

For those unaware, Creative Cloud wraps up Adobe's effort to transition to a subscription-based service model, providing updates to the Creative Cloud suite of software (which replaced Creative Suite), and online services to aid in collaboration and file/asset management. A free CC membership includes trial access to Adobe's creative tools and 2GB of cloud storage.

To the latter end, the Creative Cloud app for Android allows users to access and preview their stored files from a mobile device, even previewing PSD and AI files.

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