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[Update: Public API gone] On Android Q, your default Notification Assistant app can manage and adjust other apps' notifications

Diving into a new Android beta version's settings and sub-menus is fun. You often stumble on something that leaves you scratching your head, wondering whether it's new, and confused about what it's supposed to do. That's the case with the new Notification Assistant setting on Android Q, and upon closer inspection, this little menu may hide some very interesting changes to notification management that we didn't expect.

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Hands on with Android 9 Pie's Digital Wellbeing: Phone control for those without self-control

As they say, "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything." Most of us probably don't realize that there's more to the subject than just diet and exercise, and how we use our phones can have an impact, too. Once upon a time, our work/life balance was separated by real, physical distance, but thanks to the magic of mobile phones, we can all carry our work home with us in the form of life-interrupting notifications. That's not to mention social media's constant dopamine drip, which keeps us all scrolling like zombies and wasting away the best years of our life envying the lives of Instagram "influencers," or learning random, pointless facts from Reddit.

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Android P DP2 adds 'Manage notifications' shortcut to the notification shade

The second developer preview of Android P dropped yesterday during the Google I/O keynote, and we're still picking through it to find changes and improvements. One of the smaller additions that users might not have noticed yet is a new button at the bottom of the notification shade.

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