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September OTA Roundup For Nexus And GPE Devices

Of our many jobs here at Android Police, one is to make our readers' lives easier when we can. With that in mind, here's a roundup of all the OTA links for the latest security update for Nexus and GPE devices.

For Nexus devices, these OTAs basically serve as security and bugfix updates. On the GPE side of things, these mostly serve to finally patch Stagefright, though there is one exception.

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[Update: Nexus 9] Marshmallow MPA44I Developer Preview OTA Roundup

Nexus OTAs are a pretty big deal, even when they're not official releases. With that said, here are the OTA links that we have for the Android Developer Preview 3, build MPA44I. If the link for your device isn't shown, it means we don't have it yet. We'll update this post as links come in. As with any OTA, these are intended to be flashed in stock recovery on a completely stock, unmodified MPZ79M system.

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PSA: Impatient Power Users Are Finding That LMY48I Causes Their Nexus 6s With T-Mobile USA SIMs To Lose Cellular Connectivity, But It Doesn't Matter Because Those Devices Shouldn't Be On LMY48I Anyway

It would appear that LMY48I (which has a fix for Stagefright) is wreaking havoc on Nexus 6 phones with T-Mobile USA SIM cards. The phone simply refuses to connect to the cellular network, and thus calls and text messages are out the window. This issue seems to mainly be affecting people who upgraded from LYZ28E (T-Mobile USA's unique build with Wi-Fi calling) to LMY48I by flashing factory images. This likely has to do with the fact that the Wi-Fi calling-enabled radio firmware used in the LYZ28E build is quite a bit different than the "standard" radio firmware used in the more mainstream LMY47Z build.

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[WTF] Hey, Google And Asus, Where Are The Lollipop Updates For The Cellular Nexus 7s?

It has now been over two months since the Lollipop OTA updates for Nexus devices began rolling out en masse. So far, every Nexus and Google Play Edition device has received the bump to Google's latest sweet treat...except the cellular Nexus 7s. If you own a 2012 3G or 2013 LTE model, you've been left out in the cold, remaining on KitKat unless you want to venture into the world of custom ROMs.

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[Updated] PSA: If Your Nexus 6 Has An AT&T SIM Card, Your Android Updates Are Being Withheld, But It Doesn't Actually Matter

Update: Plenty of readers are saying that they've received 5.0.1 with AT&T SIM cards. The decision to publish this post was made after my testing and another AP team member saying that he had yet to receive 5.0.1 on his device as well. It's possible that the rollout to devices with AT&T SIMs is just moving at a much slower pace than for ones with other SIMs, but regardless, there is still something unique going on with AT&T.

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