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[Shocker] Even After Launching The Nexus 6, Verizon Still Won't Officially Activate One That Wasn't Purchased From The Carrier

It's been known since launch that Verizon wouldn't give you a SIM card for a Nexus 6 unless you tricked its system. With that said, the assumption always seemed to be that Big Red would at least add IMEI numbers for phones purchased from Google Play once it launched the phone in official capacity. This assumption had historical precedent to back it up, as Verizon did exactly that when it launched the Nexus 7 LTE six months after everyone else.

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[Ermahgerd] Verizon Apps Spotted On The Nexus 6's System Partition After The Android 5.1 Update, Rustled Jimmies Ensue

The Internet is in the midst of having a mini hemorrhage over something that, basically, doesn't matter. Shocking, right? It appears that a few people on XDA have noticed that their Nexus 6 had a couple of Verizon-specific APKs installed on the system partition after updating to Android 5.1. There are two issues at play here:

  • First, there are two APKs that are clearly identified as Verizon-specific. One is VZ Backup Assistant and the other is called VZWAPN.
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