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[Deal Alert] Polk MagniFi Mini is only $179.99 ($120 off) on Adorama with coupon code

You might recall the Polk MagniFi Mini from Rita's recent review of it, in which she ranted and raved about it and its lack of any real flaws. At its $299 MSRP, this little soundbar is already a pretty decent deal, but Adorama has decided to go ahead and take a whopping $120 off, making the MagniFi Mini just $179.99 with a code. That's crazy.

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Polk MagniFi Mini review: Impressive sound in a compact and versatile Chromecast soundbar

You know how they say big things come in small packages? Never has that saying been as true as it is with the Polk MagniFi Mini. From the moment I opened the box to this very second, this soundbar keeps on blowing my mind with how good it is. Impressive sound? Check. Plethora of options? Check. Chromecast built-in and Google Home compatibility? Check. Small form factor that could fit in front of many/any TV? You betcha. I could easily end this review here, but I'll do my job and write a few thousand words below... while listening to some music. It'll make the task more enjoyable.

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