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Pixel 4 Motion Sense will work in most countries, including Japan (Update: Live in Japan)

Motion Sense is the most unique feature the Google Pixel 4 has to offer, but there's been some confusion around international availability. Since the technology is based on radar, there are many regulators and rules involved, which made us fear it might not come to users in Japan. In a lucky turn of events, the official Google Reddit account published more information on the feature, detailing that it'll come to Japan "soon," after all.

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Pixel 4's Motion Sense will disable itself in unsupported regions

Google says the Pixel 4's Motion Sense features will only be available in a handful of countries due to regulations surrounding the underlying Soli radar technology. Since it could potentially interfere with navigation systems and military equipment, the company is careful to make sure it won't work anywhere where it's not approved. Thus, Soli will disable itself when you enter unsupported regions.

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Pixel 4 and 4 XL will get Android updates and security patches until October 2022

One of the many advantages of Pixel phones is the fact that they're made by Google itself. The synergy of hardware and software ensures speedy Android updates and long support. The Pixel 4 and 4 XL are no different. Just like their predecessors, they'll get Android security updates for three years, until October 2022.

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Pixel 4 gets live HDR+ previews, ‘dual exposure,’ astrophotography, and improved portrait mode

Right after Google finally made the Pixel 4 official today, the company also took a lot of time to talk about its camera. Two lenses on the back and a lot of computational magic are supposed to help you take better pictures with it than with its predecessors. You'll get a live HDR+ preview with dual exposure controls, learning-based white balancing, a wider-range portrait mode, and an option for astrophotography.

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Google can't decide if it's a Google Home or a Nest Home in hilarious tweet

When the big Nest rebranding hit Google, products like the Home Hub saw their names changed to the Google Nest Hub, confusingly differentiating them as separate from the "Home" series smart speakers that they have more in common with than any "Nest" branded hardware. Initially, it seemed like all of Google's "Home" branded stuff would be changed to "Google Nest," but Google later confirmed to us that its speakers would not follow this change. Apparently, no one told the @madebygoogle Twitter account that.

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Google Home Mini is official, costs $49 and comes in chalk, charcoal, or coral

It's already been heavily leaked, so it didn't come as much of a surprise, but the Google Home Mini is now official. Announced at Google's big event today in San Francisco, the little speaker is inevitably going to be compared to a hockey puck in size and shape. It's a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Google Home smart speaker, costing just $49 compared to the $129 you can usually expect to pay for its bigger brother.

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Google Home available on 4th of November for $129, pre-order from today

Google Home was announced earlier this year at I/O, and since then we've heard little about the product itself. Today at the #madebygoogle event, Google has released all the details, including price, shipping date, more about its abilities, and when you can pre-order it (i.e. throw your money at Google).

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