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'Require eyes to be open' setting for Face Unlock shows up on the Pixel 4, doesn't work yet

Shortly after the Pixel 4 began making its way into users' hands, people started noticing an important oversight. The phone's Face Unlock could be used even when your eyes are closed, so if someone wanted to abuse this "security method," they could wait for you to be asleep (or dead, in a more tragic turn of events) and easily unlock your phone. Google said it was working on a setting to require your eyes to be open, but it hadn't showed up until now.

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The Information: Google Slowly Tightening Android Experience Requirements For OEMs, Here Are Some Of The Interesting Ones

The Information published a story today regarding the contracts phone and other Android device makers are required to sign in order to certify their devices as Google-approved. While many of the details are, to be frank, utterly mundane (like the previously-leaked boot screen logo requirement) or things we've tended to assume, there are few pieces of information worth picking out.

First, the name of the agreement these OEMs are required to sign is called a MADA - Mobile Application Distribution Agreement. Basically, it's the Google Play contract - it's how you get Google services on your device.

New requirements include expanding the basic prerequisite that Google be a device's default search provider to also encompass voice search or voice assistants.

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