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Chuchel from Machinarium dev Amanita Design makes its way to Android

Amanita Design is the developer responsible for the enigmatic Machinarium, as well as the relaxing Botanicula and the surreal adventure series known as Samorost. Now one of its latest creations is coming to Android, with the Play Store release of Chuchel.

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Botanicula Is A Charming New Point-And-Click Adventure From The Makers Of Machinarium

Machinarium has been around for a few years on virtually every platform, but now we're finally getting something new (to Android) from Amanita Design. Botanicula shares a gameplay and art style with Machinarium, but it's a completely new adventure about five tree-dwelling friends who must save the last seed from their home tree, which has become infested with nasty parasites.

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Machinarium Updated With Support For The Nexus 7, Possibly Other Devices

Machinarium was one of my personal favorite games from 2012, and I've wanted to replay it for months now. Unfortunately, the Nexus 7 is my primary gaming device, and Machinarium hasn't been available for it since its release. Finally, after months of waiting (and numerous attempts to contact Hothead Games), Machinarium is officially available on the Nexus 7 thanks to an update today.


That may not be the only new device added to the fold, though – Hothead didn't update the changelog, so it's hard to say what else the update brings along with it. Perhaps it adds more devices, or fixes some bugs.

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[New Game] Hothead Games Releases Big Win Football – Customize, Compete, 'Go For The Big Win'

Encouraging players to "go for the big win," Hothead Games recently released Big Win Football to the Play Store. The makers of the artistic masterpiece that is Machinarium and the similarly sports-minded Big Win Soccer have added another entry to their catalogue of "Big Win" sports games, bringing the same customizable, competitive and unique gameplay dynamic to football fans, allowing them to create their own customized dream team, play against opponents online, and enhance player skills with game-changing boosts.

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One of the things that makes Big Win Football different from other football games, besides its Mii-like character style, is the ability to play big impact cards.

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[New Game] City Of Secrets Makes Its Way To Android, Offers Hidden Object, Puzzle, And Adventure All In One

Every once in a while, a new game shows up on Android that really catches my attention. Sometimes it's the graphics, sometimes it's the gameplay itself. Sometimes it's both. The latter is the case with City of Secrets, which just recently landed in the Play Store.

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As far as gameplay is concerned, City of Secrets reminds me of Machinarium. The principle of the game is very similar: find various, somewhat hidden, objects and use them to solve puzzles. Of course, it looks nothing like Machinarium, but that doesn't mean it isn't equally as nice to look at - it's just different.

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Machinarium For Android Game Review: The Best $4 You'll Ever Spend On An Android Game

If you haven't heard of Machinarium, you probably aren't much of a PC gamer. That's not mean to be some kind of "high and mighty" insult - it's just the truth. Machinarium is a small indie game that was released for PCs and Macs back in September of 2009, developed by Czech studio Amanita Design. It won numerous awards as indie game of the year, as well as accolades for its astounding artwork and soundtrack.


It's a game I think almost anyone can play and love (and hate, but that comes with the territory), which is saying a lot for a click-and-explore puzzle title.

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