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Microsoft Updates Lync For Android With Anonymous Join, Contact Management, And Passive Authentication

Microsoft Lync is instant messaging for people wearing suits and ties. The service, which you generally won't see outside of corporate environments, supports typing, talking, or staring at each other's faces through an Android device. Now Microsoft has rolled out an update that adds new features and brings more feature parity with the Windows Phone and iOS versions of the software.

For starters, the Lync Android app can now handle Anonymous Join, which lets users join a Lync meeting without an account.

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Microsoft Lync 2010 Now Available In The Android Market, Helps You Interact With Corporate Contacts Quickly And Easily

If you're not familiar with Microsoft Lync, don't feel bad - I had no idea what it was before today, either. Makes sense, because I don't work in an environment where Lync is used (or would be useful), but for those who do, it's actually pretty cool. In a nutshell, it's an IM/contact management/VoIP client used for Exchange - think MSN Messenger with a GTalk twist built for the corporate environment .

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