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[Deal Alert] Refurbished set of 3 Luma mesh Wi-Fi router modules for $99.99 ($50 off) today only

Anyone who's lived in anything larger than a mid-sized apartment knows how annoying it is to deal with Wi-Fi dead zones. It may essentially be the definition of a first world problem to complain about how long YouTube takes to buffer on a multi-hundred-dollar supercomputer that fits in the palm of your hand while you're sitting on the toilet, but we humans do have a tendency to complain. Fortunately, mesh Wi-Fi router systems like Luma, eero, and Google Wifi have become increasingly more commonplace over the past couple of years and are a great way to blanket your entire home with a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal.

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Luma 2-pack is $179 ($71 off) on The Home Depot for today only

We've been seeing more and more competition among mesh Wi-Fi networking kits over the past few months, with even Google dipping its toe into the segment with Google Wifi back in October of last year. One big advantage Google Wifi has over some of its competitors that have been on the market for a while longer is price: whereas a three-pack from eero would set you back $499 and $399 from Luma, one from Google costs only $299.

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Google publishes test results pitting Wifi against Eero and Luma, Google Wifi predictably comes out on top

While a bit odd to publish well ahead of reviews for the as-yet unreleased product, Google posted the results of independent testing by Allion today showcasing the performance of its Wifi system against similar mesh network products Eero and Luma. The results, given that Google decided to publish them, probably won't shock you: Google Wifi walks away with it.


Using two devices for each system in a 3000 square foot, two-story house, Allion measured speeds of each system at four locations. At the wired access point, Google Wifi was marginally quicker than Eero, but it's at the periphery of coverage and the secondary access point, which was not hardwired to the network, where it seems Google's product is most able to outshine competitors.

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