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T-Mobile's LTE-U network is rolling out in select cities

Back in February, T-Mobile announced that it would begin using unassigned portions of the 5GHz spectrum to offer more bandwidth and coverage to its customers. The company called this 'LTE-U,' and said that it would start rolling out to customers in the spring. Well, it's a bit past spring, but we're now starting to see LTE-U go live in select cities.

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T-Mobile demos gigabit LTE on the Samsung Galaxy S8

The LTE on your phone is pretty fast these days as long as you've got a good signal. It's not as fast as LTE on the Galaxy S8, though. T-Mobile has posted a demo of the GS8 hitting nearly 1Gbps in a laboratory test. It won't do this in real life, but the hardware can do it. T-mobile is working to upgrade its network to take full advantage.

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T-Mobile's 'LTE-U' program will use unlicensed spectrum for more LTE bandwidth

Everyone wants faster LTE data, and carriers want to give it to them (and protect and expand their subscriber base at the same time). T-Mobile's latest attempt to expand its network is what it's calling "LTE-U" in a new press release. After the FCC certified compatible network hardware from Nokia and Ericsson, T-Mobile announced that it will be rolling out support for the high-frequency network additions in the spring of this year.

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