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Lowe's exits smart home market, Iris platform will stop working March 31

Lowe's, a home improvement retail chain based in the United States, introduced its first 'Iris' smart home products in 2015. The lineup consisted of cameras, leak detectors, door locks, motion sensors, lights, and other related products. After a failed attempt to sell off the Iris division last year, Lowe's has discontinued all Iris products — and most of them will stop working soon.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Max down to $349 ($50 off) at Google Store, Best Buy, Target, and more

The Google Home Max was announced last October and went on sale in December, just in time for last year's holiday season. Since then, the pricey smart speaker has mostly kept steady at its $399 launch price, but now a number of retailers are knocking $50 off that number, bringing it down about 12% to $349. Supplies are scarce at some of these places, and this price may not be around for too long.

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[Update: New three-camera kit deal, some others still available] Deal alert: First-gen Arlo Pro with one camera is $50 off ($199), two camera kit is $70 off ($349)

We've covered Netgear's Arlo products on the site for a while. Back in January, Ryan reviewed the original Arlo Pro, and he came away mostly impressed. Now you can get the Arlo Pro with one camera for $50 off, and the Pro with two cameras for $70 off.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home drops to $84 ($45 off) at Lowe's with coupon code

Google Home is currently $109 at the Google Store and a variety of other retailers, including Lowe's. That's not a bad price at all. However, Lowe's has a coupon code that lowers that $109 to just $84, making it one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for the Home. If you were thinking about purchasing one, now's the time to do so.

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Google Assistant adds support for Lowes Iris, Lutron Caseta, and Osram Lightify

Even if you have a wide array of smart home products from different manufacturers, Google wants to make sure they all work seamlessly on Assistant (and thus, the Google Home). The company has gradually added more supported services since launch, and now Assistant works with Lowes Iris, Lutron Caseta, and Osram Lightify.

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Lowe's Hardware Stores Are Giving Away Google Cardboard Units So Maybe You'll Renovate Your Kitchen

Virtual reality (or whatever term some picky people would like to apply to it) is the hot new thing. Conventional businesses are trying to incorporate it into their plans, and nothing shouts "conventional business" like a hardware store. To that end, US hardware chain Lowe's is working on some interesting ways to get customers involved in their renovation projects, even before they start putting down plastic sheets. At a few stores in Colorado and Ohio, Lowe's has created special VR stations that will let you recreate an entire room, then swap out 3D appliances, apply different paint colors, and do all kinds of home improvement things while seeing the results in real time with an Oculus Rift headset.

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Target, Walmart, Best Buy And More Are Making A Google Wallet Competitor Called MCX

Yesterday, a rumor at the Wall Street Journal stated that major retailers like Walmart, Target, and 7-Eleven were in the process of teaming up to create their own mobile payment solution. They sure didn't waste much time on making it official, as this morning that solution was announced as "MCX" - or, Merchant Customer Exchange. Sexy.

This is a big deal, though. And it's a big deal because of the names in the headline above - quite literally most places where Americans buy things have come together to create a mobile wallet system. But it's not just Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

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Lowe's Has An App Now, Allows You To Create Supplies Lists, Read Reviews, Or Have Items Delivered To Your Home

These days, you're not anybody if you don't have an app. Now, Lowe's is somebody. The home improvement warehouse has launched a mobile app that allows you to search for store locations, items, read reviews on products, manage your Lowe's card, and even have some products shipped to you.

lowes1 lowes2 lowes3

The app is packed with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a retail app, including a barcode scanner and the ability to check inventory at the stores nearest you. It even has photo galleries to help you get ideas for decorating your home, and some how-to videos to help you out once you're home.

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