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Android P feature spotlight: Battery saver gets renamed several times, and it can be scheduled for anywhere between 5% and 70%

We already posted about battery saving mode no longer using flashy orange bars in Android P, but there's more to it than that. It also seems to be having an identity crisis with a total of three different names being used for it, and it's now adjustable to activate from anywhere between 5% and 70%.

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Sony Enables SmartWatch 2 App Developers To Save Battery Life With Low-Power Mode, Create Watch Faces And Widgets

The Sony Smartwatch 2 companion app received an update last month that introduced a new watch face editor and some other enhancements. Now Sony is updating its SDK for developers to take advantage of these goodies. With the Sony Add-on SDK 3.0, developers can enable their apps to run in low-power mode, extending how long a user can go before having to plug in their watch. The change lets the app run in the foreground while the backlight is off. During this time, content is shown in grayscale.


Developers can also create their own clocks and widgets, which users can interact with using the new watch face editor.

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