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[Update: Developer clarifies how the setup works] AmpMe update now syncs multiple Bluetooth speakers from different manufacturers together to really irritate your neighbors

In my home, we have neighbors that love to be loud. People over almost every night, lots of banging, and music so loud that I can feel the bass in my chest. So along comes the latest update to AmpMe, an app that lets you sync together multiple Bluetooth devices. The app itself is not new, but the company behind it announced today that it now supports connecting speakers from different manufacturers into one sound system.

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HTC Ditches 'Quietly Brilliant' Tagline For Something Louder, Doubles Marketing Budget With Extra Emphasis On Digital

It's no secret around these parts that we find HTC's advertising to be a little lackluster. Which is a shame because its hardware is not. For what it's worth, the company's CEO agrees and plans to ditch the "quietly brilliant" slogan for the One and instead shoot for the themes of "bold," "authentic," and "playful." Which, by a strange coincidence, also happen to be Peter Chou's list of the top three traits he's looking for in a woman on his OK Cupid profile*.

The "bold" theme, as HTC's media chief Ben Ho explained (any good marketing campaign has to be explained, you know), refers to how the company will market itself.

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