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Android's new firm press is like Apple's 3D Touch but done with software

Apple touted 3D Touch on its iPhones as revolutionary, but it soon turned out to be an over-engineered feature that felt redundant when a solution as simple as long-press already existed. While the iPhone maker already began phasing it out a couple of years back with the XR, Google is now bringing the feature to its Android OS. Unlike Apple, Google was able to add firm presses using just its software magic without the need for a pressure-sensitive hardware layer.

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[Update: Now in Tasker beta] SkipTrack and Next Track apps let you skip songs by long-pressing volume buttons, no root required

One nifty feature that's been possible on various custom ROMs for some time is the ability to skip forward or back on music players with a long press of the volume buttons, even when the phone is locked and the screen is off. Although similar functionality could be achieved with Tasker using double/triple presses, the exact same feature hasn't been possible on unrooted phones — until now.

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Chrome now consistently selects the entire URL when you long press on it

Chrome has at least 5 different ways for you to copy the URL of a page you are visiting. One of the most evident, though, has always been very inconsistent: long press. For a long time, tapping and holding on the address bar would sometimes select the entire URL and sometimes just randomly select part of the URL where you tapped. However, that is no longer the case.

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Cortana can now be set as the default assistant on your Android device

The personal assistant arms race is heating up, as the latest update for Microsoft's Cortana can now easily replace the Google Assistant. If you'd like, the next time you long-press home to pull up your personal assistant, you can find the familiar oscillating purple and white dot staring back at you. The new feature comes via the latest 2.8 update to the Cortana app on Google Play. If you'd like to check out how it works, we gave it a try.

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[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Long-Press Notifications For A Quick Link To Adjust That App's Notification Settings

There's nothing more annoying than an otherwise benign app that pesters you with notifications. Android has thankfully given end users the ability to completely disable notifications from pestering apps, but for developers who include more fine-grain controls in the app itself, Android 5.0 has some new options. French Android developer Cyril Mottier highlighted a new option in a detailed Google+ post: the ability to embed a link directly to an app's notifications settings within the notification itself.


For the sake of specificity, this new API hook allows developers to add a quick link to the notifications settings page of the app itself, not the relevant page in the Android settings menu.

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Gmail App Updated For Gingerbread To Include Long Press To Copy Text

In a minor update to the official Gmail app, Google has addressed one of "the little things" that have been plaguing Android since the beginning. In this case, a lack of uniformity for copying text.

In all previous versions of the Gmail app, a user would have to press Menu, More, and then Select Text. Fortunately, this update fixes that issue by making copying text the same as in the Browser or a textbox: by long pressing it. It's not a huge addition, and is only available for those with devices running Gingerbread, but it is definitely a step in the positive direction.

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[Productivity Series] Four Little Apps That Will Make Using Your Android Device A Whole Lot Easier

Get that boss-key ready, because it’s time to kick off the first installment in Android Police’s productivity series! We’ve scoured the [sometimes murky] depths of the Android Market for those vital productivity boosting applications that can save you time, money, and hopefully, some sanity. We’re always looking for new apps to cover, so if you have any suggestions, drop us a line at [email protected]

I’m always looking for ways to make using my Android device easier and faster. Well, I’ve discovered four apps in the Market that will do just that… and, best of all, they’re free.

In-App WiFi

in-app wifi enabled

This little app does exactly what it says: it allows you to turn WiFi on or off, no matter what you’re doing on your Android device.

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