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[Update] LastPass 4.0 Is The First Major Release Since LogMeIn, Adds Emergency Access And A New Sharing Center

LastPass has received its first major point release since LogMeIn opened its wallet, and it comes over two years since the last one. In November of 2013, LastPass jumped to version 3.0 with a redesign that made it Holo-friendly. Having gone Material back in April for 3.4, the 4.0 update introduces more than a design refresh (though a bit of that is here too).

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LogMeIn Acquires LastPass Password Manager For Over $110 Million

LastPass is one of the more well-known password managers out there. Now it's one that's joining LogMeIn. Both companies announced the acquisition earlier today. The buyer paid $110 million upfront with up to another $15 million payable in contingent installments dependent on retention and other markers over the next two years.

LogMeIn, despite having a name that already sounds like a password manager in its own right, is primarily known for its remote access software. From a corporate perspective, this sounds like a good match, but some LastPass users have already filled the announcement post with negative comments expressing their disappointment. Several have complained of LogMeIn's bad customer service and price hikes.

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LogMeIn Launches Cubby Cloud Storage Beta With 5GB of Space, Unlimited Sync And Android App

Dropbox has been the reigning king of cloud storage and syncing for a few years now, but the competition is getting intense. LogMeIn, which is best known for its remote access apps, has just launched a cloud storage solution of its own called Cubby. Not only does Cubby come with 5GB of free storage to Dropbox's 2GB, but it also implements a peer-to-peer sharing system that will help you get around that limit.


Dropbox requires you to specify a single folder on your desktop to be the synced folder. Cubby, however, takes a page from other apps like SugarSync and lets you choose multiple folders and designate them as "Cubbys."

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LogMeIn Rescue To Be Pre-Installed On All Future HTC Devices, Provide Remote Support To Customers

LogMeIn has announced a partnership with HTC that will see its Rescue software pre-installed on all future Android smartphones and tablets. Using a combination of an applet on HTC devices and support software across the company's worldwide call centers, customers will be provided with remote support that allows the person on the other end of the phone to take control of your device and run various tests.

To protect customers from inadvertently handing their phone over to a stranger, the applet will only "securely connect their devices to HTC customer care representatives during active support calls."

Once a technician is connected to a device they will be able to run remote diagnostics, push common device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the customer's device to resolve issues.

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[Deal Alert] LogMeIn Ignition Half Price ($14.99) For A Limited Time

As part of a back-to-school promotion, remote access software LogMeIn Ignition has received a temporary 50% cut off its normally $30 price tag, making it a very affordable $15. LogMeIn Ignition allows you to access your Mac or PC from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet and remote control it just as if you were sitting in front of it, quickly and easily providing access to all of your files and programs.

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Another great use for LogMeIn is remote tech support -- we all have those family members who will call with an issue, and it's so much easier to do it yourself than to explain what needs to be done to someone who probably has little idea what you're talking about in the first place.

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[App Review] Is A Clean, Easy Way To Share Your Screen From Desktop To Phone

If you have ever tried to do tech support for someone on the go, needed to remotely see how exactly somebody did something on their computer, or found it necessary to view another person's screen from your smartphone for some other reason, you're already well aware of the frustration that arises from not having your computer handy. Fortunately for you, you've got an Android phone, and I've got the perfect tool for you., a sweet program designed by those crazy screen-sharing, remote-controlling, virtual LAN-creating programaholics at LogMeIn, allows you to either share your computer screen or view people sharing their screens from anywhere.

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