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Get the Logitech Harmony Elite remote for $230 ($40 off) at multiple retailers

What's better than a universal remote? How about a universal remote with a touch screen that also controls your smart home stuff? Logitech's super-versatile Harmony Elite remote is now down to $230 at multiple stores, a $40 discount from the usual price.

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Logitech Harmony Elite on sale for $250 ($100 off) at Best Buy with a free $50 gift card

It's easy to find yourself buried in remotes as you seek to build the perfect home entertainment system. Logitech's Harmony remotes have long sought to reduce the clutter, but they're spendy. The flagship Harmony Elite usually costs a whopping $350—you can get a TV for that price. It's $100 cheaper right now, and Best Buy will even throw in a $50 gift card.

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Get the Logitech Harmony Elite for an all-time low $220 at Amazon ($130 off MSRP)

Having a universal remote is a luxury, but one that can quickly become a necessity once you add a few electronics to your media setup and have four or five different remotes to juggle. Logitech makes the best universal remotes, and today its absolute best, the Harmony Elite, is on sale for its all-time low price of $220 (according to CamelCamelCamel).

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[Deal Alert] Logitech Harmony Elite + Google Home for $279.99 ($99 off) at Best Buy

If you're neck-deep in smart home devices, trying to control all of them from one place can be difficult. A smart speaker, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home, is one option. Another is to buy a Logitech Harmony remote, which can interact with both entertainment systems and smart home stuff. Or you can buy one of each, and get $100 off compared to the usual prices ($129 for a Home, about $250 for the remote).

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