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Ninety7 LOFT battery base review: A $50 way to move your Google Home around the house

Google has now released three versions of the Google Home, each with its own unique size and price point, but none of them are portable out of the box. Untether them from their power cords, and you'll be left with an interestingly-shaped paperweight (well, the Home Mini actually somewhat resembles one).

Those of you looking for a mobile Home have probably run into this: Ninety7's LOFT battery base for the original Google Home. Ninety7 is no stranger to these battery bases, having made the similarly-priced VAUX, a base with a more powerful speaker for the Echo Dot. But at $49.95, the LOFT isn't cheap, and it doesn't add better speakers like the VAUX does.

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LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home

I know it might sound ridiculous, but I sometimes find myself yearning for a way to move my two Google Homes around. I have one in the hallway that sits at the junction between the kitchen and living room, thus servicing both areas, but I do wish I could bring it to the kitchen from time to time when I'm on a cooking bender. At IFA, we saw upcoming portable speakers with Google Assistant built-in, but what if I already bought a Google Home and don't feel the need to buy another speaker? Ninety7's new LOFT aims to answer that question.

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Gameloft Releases Monster Life: Raise Cute Paper Monsters, Build A Kingdom, Defeat Evil

Gamefactory Gameloft is back with another new game, and this time it's a papercraft game in which you nurture, build, and develop a kingdom of adorable little monsters. It's a game that falls solidly within the genre of casual, and with variations of the word "cute" twice in the first two sentences of the description, it's probably not a game for everyone.

monsterlife2 monsterlife3 monsterlife4

Despite the light-hearted nature of the game, it certainly looks like it offers a surprising amount of depth and impressive amount of fun. The premise is simple: you collect and nurture monsters, train them to boost their powers and abilities, and then pit them against some baddies.

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PSA: Games Purchased From The Gameloft Website Are Tied To The Device & Phone Number, Can't Be Transferred

Next time you want to purchase a game from Gameloft, you may want to pause and reconsider: their official policy is to tie app purchases to the device and phone number - and it's strictly enforced. We received an email from a peeved Gameloft customer who found this out the hard way, and we'd hate to see anyone else encounter the same (frankly ridiculous) issue.

Our tipster (George H.) switched from a MyTouch 4G to a G2x. Apps purchased from Gameloft through the Android Market redownloaded on his new device just fine. However, he couldn't download the games he'd purchased from the Gameloft web store, so he emailed support:

I just purchased a new Android phone and want to use all the software I previously purchased on my new phone.

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