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Popular Music Player PowerAmp Version 3 Now Available As A Public Alpha, With A New Audio Engine And UI

Local music players (as opposed to online radio and cloud storage players) sometimes seem like dinosaurs now that everyone and their dog is offering a connected music option, but there are still plenty of users who prefer high-quality playback of local files. For them, the years-old PowerAmp remains a popular choice thanks to its excellent codec support, extensive equalizer, and a long list of musical creature comforts. Developer Max MP has now made version 3.0 of the app available as a public alpha; you can download the APK directly from the app's user forum.

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Mizuu Developer Leaves Project, Will Remove App From Play Store But Source Code Will Remain Available

Mizuu is a popular app for managing local media files, particularly movies and television shows. While it isn't a player, it still has attracted many fans for its ability to index and retrieve useful metadata by checking videos against a third-party database and presenting the library in a visually attractive way. In spite of that popularity, its lone developer has announced via a blog post that he will be removing Mizuu from the Play Store and ceasing support and updates for the app.

Reasons for doing this are various, but can be summarized as a loss of interest driven partially by health issues.

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Bubblesoft Publishes BubbleUPnP Server App For Android, But Not On The Play Store

Bubblesoft, the developers of the popular BubbleUPnP app, have published a server equivalent for Android. Previously, you could run a BubbleUPnP Server on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or a NAS. Then you could use the player app on Android to access or share your local media. Now your Android devices can also be used as a server, but with several important caveats. At least if you know where to find the app.

IMG_20150220_234837 Screenshot_2015-02-20-23-46-21

As you might expect, it's pretty minimalistic and not made for hand-holding. And, even to the extent you might know what you're doing, you do not want to be using your daily driver devices as BubbleUPnP servers.

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