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[Update: Rolling out] Google Maps to improve the Local Guides contribution process

If you're an avid Google Maps Local Guide, or even a beginner, you've probably noticed that the app helps you figure out what to review and which photos to upload. The Your contributions section has plenty of suggestions, but the interface is a little confusing. Pending ratings and reviews are on the main page, but suggested photo uploads are accessible from a separate banner, and there's no easy way to go back and add more info to what you've already submitted. Maps is working on improving all of this.

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Google Maps’ futuristic AR walking navigation is now in testing by Level 5+ Local Guides

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal got a hands-on with Google Maps' upcoming artificial reality-based walking navigation feature. Local Guides were said to be getting access to this as well, though very few had actually gotten the feature. AR navigation has now rolled out to Local Guides level 5 and up, and it looks pretty cool.

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Google Maps v9.78 beta adds visited places to custom lists, prepares profile privacy control and rodízio avoidance in São Paulo [APK Teardown]

Welcome a fresh update of Google Maps to the world. Version 9.78 began rolling out to the beta channel last night, and with it come a few visual tweaks and a cool new feature for custom lists that shows the places you've visited. Turning to the teardown, it looks like Google will be giving contributors a little more visibility and control over their public profiles. Drivers in São Paulo, Brazil will also be getting a useful tool for navigating through or around the rodízio.

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Google Maps Local Guides can get $5 off an Atom movie ticket with new perk

There's been a renewed push of late from the Google Maps team to get more people signing up as Local Guides and submitting reviews of restaurants and bars and so on. Earlier this month points given out for user reviews were doubled. Google clearly wants existing guides to be more active too and is offering a new movie ticket perk to sweeten the deal.

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Google Maps v9.75 beta rolls out with notifications for transit maps, hints of bicycle sharing integration, and mystery LG "perks" [APK Teardown]

Late last night, the latest version of Google Maps began rolling out through the beta channel. For many people, this will likely bring new notifications with convenient shortcuts to local area transit maps. There are also signs that Google is adding integration with bicycle sharing services, a vague hint of new activity around speed limits, and possibly some new perks for Local Guides.

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Google Maps doubles points for Local Guides reviews

The number of points awarded to Google Maps Local Guides for submitting reviews is doubling from five to 10, Google announced in a blog post today. Google says the change is rolling out "over a few weeks."

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Google Maps now lets you create and share lists of places from your desktop or laptop

Google Maps has gotten a lot more social this year. Earlier in 2017, location sharing was enabled for the masses. Google also launched a feature allowing users to create and share lists of places. However, only Android and iOS users were able to set up these lists, and web-based Google Maps users were limited to just seeing them. That's changing now, as Google begins a phased rollout of the list creation and sharing feature for desktop-bound Maps users.

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Google Maps is adding new achievement badges for Local Guides

Those of you who contribute as Local Guides on Google Maps (a club I recently joined) will know that as well as the satisfying feeling of helping other people out; you also gain points for your hard work. Those points help you rise through the ranks, getting a new badge every time you level up and eventually leading to certain perks, such as early access to new features.

To add some extra motivation, Google is about to add some new achievement badges that can be attained by completing different types of tasks. Badge fiends will now have four new ones available to them, which can also be leveled up as you submit information to the service.

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Google Maps v9.63 beta gets ready to launch new commuting features, hints at increased points for long reviews and new badges [APK Teardown]

A new update to Google Maps began rolling out late last night to members of the beta channel. This one is arguably light on notable changes, except that there is one feature that may go live in the next few days: Commuting. It was at least briefly live before being disabled remotely. There are also several new topics for a teardown, including more points for longer reviews, new badges, and more.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)

  • Commuting (coming soon?)
  • Another notification channel for timeline notifications (fixed in 9.63.1)

Commuting: It was is live

Commuting appears to be live

At least as of October 9th, the Commute settings appear to be live again.

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Google Earth adds stunning crowdsourced photos from users around the world

The ever-impressive Google Earth saw a sizeable update earlier this year that included new features like guided tours, knowledge cards, and 3D views. Allowing us to see the world from the comfort of our own home is the goal of the Google Earth team, and to that end, it's added another viewpoint with beautiful images crowdsourced from users around the globe.

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