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Google is lobbying for Android exemption from the Huawei ban

Huawei has struggled to gain traction in the US market for the last few years, but things went from bad to worse a few weeks back when the US Commerce Department announced a ban on technology exports to the Chinese firm. Google fell in line, severing business ties with Huawei along with countless other US companies. That could cut Huawei off from Android updates. However, the Financial Times reports that Google is working hard behind the scenes to secure a government exemption for Android.

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iFixit Announces The Repair Association, A Lobbying Group Representing Electronic Repair Pros And DIY Enthusiasts

The folks at iFixit aren't just the people who rip apart every new gadget that comes down the pipeline. They're also enthusiastic proponents of user-accessible devices that can be repaired without an engineering degree - that's more or less the purpose of the site, including the store that sells tools and parts for readers to follow along with those prolific teardown guides. Now the company is spearheading a new lobbying group that intends to fight for the rights of consumers and third-party repair professionals.

They're calling it the Repair Association, and they've partnered with like-minded organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Service Industry Association, the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, the Fixers' Collective and others to make it a reality.

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