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Yahoo's Livetext Silent Video Chatting App Is Now Available Around The World

Two weeks ago Yahoo debuted its Livetext app in five countries: Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US. Now it's expanding the service to the rest of the globe.

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Yahoo Releases Livetext Video Texting App In The US, Canada, France, Germany, And UK

Here's an idea. Let's take that video chatting thing that people do all the time using Skype, Hangouts, or FaceTime, and remove the sound. Huh, Yahoo is already doing that?

Yup, and the service is called Livetext. Yahoo has been testing it in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Ireland. Now the tech company is bringing its intriguing communications platform to five additional countries. There's Canada and the US in North America. France, Germany, and the rest of the UK have joined Ireland in Europe.

In Yahoo's video of Livetext in action, you can see how each sentence you type appears at the bottom of a video feed of whomever you're chatting with.

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