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Twitter debuts livestream feature for breaking news

Twitter users in the United States may have noticed something new yesterday: next to the timeline, a small window displayed a livestream of Miami news station WSVN 7's coverage of the active shooter situation then unfolding at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The stream was the debut of a Twitter initiative to show live coverage of breaking news events.

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Instagram now lets you directly nag your friends to watch your live video

What's the point of broadcasting live on Instagram if you can't prod your followers to watch you? Otherwise you're just livestreaming to the wind. To solve this crisis, Instagram today announced a new feature allowing users to send their live videos right to the Direct inbox of a follower or a group of them. It's kind of like performing a song on their front lawn and throwing rocks at their window to get them to notice.

Live videos still work as they always have, this only adds the ability to single out the users you would like to join you, giving you a way of saying, "Hey!

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Instagram's new 'Go Live with a Friend' feature adds split-screen livestreaming with two users

Instagram's had live video since December 2016. But back in August, Instagram revealed that it would be adding the ability for users to invite a friend to their livestreams "in the coming months." Well, it's been a few months, and the company has delivered on its promise. 'Go Live with a Friend' is out now with version 20 of the Instagram app.

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YouTube Gaming introduces sponsorships as paid channels are shut down

We've been hearing for a while that YouTube was planning to do away with paid content and now it's finally taking effect. It's no longer possible to create paid content, and from December paid channels will no longer be accessible at all. Individual purchased videos will still be available to whoever bought them until 2022, however. Fortunately, for gamers at least, Google is introducing an expanded version of sponsorships for YouTube Gaming, which have been in testing for some time.

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Instagram will soon support adding guests to live video

Instagram added its live video feature in December of last year, allowing users to start live streaming directly from the mobile apps. The company has continued to improve live video since then, like adding the ability to save the broadcast after it's over. Another new feature is on the way - guests.

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Periscope adds multi-window support to the Android app

After Periscope's full functionality was added to the Twitter mobile apps, Twitter promised users that the Periscope app would continue to be a hub for discovering livestreams, as well as serve users that don't want to use Twitter. Keeping that promise, Twitter has updated the Periscope app several times since then, now adding multi-window support to the Android app.

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