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Livescribe+ Updates To Stable Release For Android, Is Now Available Globally


We've followed smartpen maker Livescribe's path to Android compatibility, starting with their announcement at CES that they would finally bring their app to the platform. It then released as a preview less than two weeks ago in select locales. Starting today, they are both dropping the "preview" label and making the app available globally.

Livescribe+ and its companion app collectively manage the connection and notes taken with their newest smartpen, the Livescribe 3.

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Livescribe 3 Smartpen Review: The Digital Transition Never Felt So Good

Livescribe released their newest smartpen, called Livescribe 3, about 18 months ago. Why review it now? Well, with Android’s native support of Bluetooth 4.0 LE and wider adoption of KitKat and Lollipop, the smartpen finally has software support for Android. We first caught wind of the Android app back in January, its preview was released just a couple weeks ago, and now I will walk you through how the hardware and app play together. Overall, I am walking away very impressed with the experience. With that said, there are several significant drawbacks with taking notes with the Livescribe 3 that you will want to know about before picking one up.

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Livescribe+ Preview App Hits Google Play Store, Will Work With Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Livescribe announced at CES that they would be bringing Android support to their market-leading smartpen and now that time has come. They have released two apps, each carrying the "preview" label, to the Play Store. The apps will work with existing Livescribe 3 pens, which originally only had mobile software support on iOS. Also as promised in their announcement, the apps boast a material design that just screams, "I am not an iOS port."

Screenshot_2015-04-30-18-05-27 Screenshot_2015-04-30-18-05-32 Screenshot_2015-04-30-18-06-40

And if the pictures don't tell the story, that wasn't a joke! This is clearly software that has been redesigned to work on Android.

Now, why two apps?

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Livescribe 3 Smartpen Will Soon Have Android Support, Having Handwritten Notes On Your Device Could Get A Lot Easier

Ever wanted to take handwritten notes, but didn't want to write on a digital screen? Maybe you just don't want a Samsung device, the primary Android manufacturer to offer active digitizers (better known as the "S Pen" in their marketing materials). Livescribe's smartpens have, up to now, been just a nearly perfect solution for many. You can write on real paper* and have your notes rather effortlessly synced to select digital destinations. It is suddenly looking even better, though, because long-awaited Android support is on the way.

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