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Twitter Launches Periscope, A Live-Streaming App That It Bought For Around $100 Million—But The Android Version Will Have To Wait

Periscope was born in February of 2014, and before launching a product, it attracted the attention of a number of investors. Then Twitter bought it for something resembling $100 million. The deal closed early this year, and now the two are ready to introduce Periscope to the public.

Unfortunately, the Android version will have to wait. This is an iOS-only launch.

Periscope1 Periscope2 Periscope3

So what is Periscope? It's like Twitter, but with video.

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DirecTV Android Apps Can Stream 15 New HBO And Cinemax Live Channels After Latest Update

DirecTV's job used to be making sure that when you turn on your TV, there's something there to watch. Then these fancy mobile devices came around, and now the company is tasked with putting shows on those as well. Kids don't stare at big screens anymore, I'm told. Everything looks best crammed somewhere between 4.5 to 10.1 inches.

The latest version of the DirecTV Android apps offer up 15 new HBO and Cinemax channels, which you can stream live to your phone or tablet.

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NBC Updates Android App With Live Video Streaming For TV Subscribers In Select Markets

NBC's Android app provides free episodes that anyone can stream regardless of whether or not they pay for television. Now the company is adding live streaming to the experience, but unfortunately, the story here isn't the same.

If you want in on the action, you need to have a cable or satellite subscription, and you need to live in one of the supported markets. The changelog doesn't say which these are, but many of us won't be surprised to find that our cities don't make the list.

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