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Facebook Introduces New Ways To Find, Share, And Interact With Live Video

Facebook recently introduced live video. Now it wants more users to start recording themselves. To entice people to do so, the company has rolled out a few enhancements.

Let's start with the people willing to stand in front of the camera. Since launch, you've been able to share streams with friends. Going forward, you can also show your feed to entire Facebook groups and events.

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[Update: Changelog Posted] YouTube Gaming v1.1 Adds Live Screencasting To Android Devices, Watch Later, And Easy Import For Game Subscriptions [APK Download]

Google wants to be the undisputed leader in live streaming video games. With the announcement of YouTube Gaming, Google declared its intention to do battle with Twitch over an industry that may eventually amass a mind-blowing number of viewers. We're now receiving the first major app update to YouTube Gaming, and it's a huge one. Version 1.1 introduces screen recording and live screencasting directly from an Android device. On the content consumption side of things, the Watch Later feature from YouTube has been added in, and there's also a new import tool for quickly and easily porting your gaming-related subscriptions over to the new app.

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Steam For Android Version 2.1 Adds Community Market, Trading, Game Hubs, Discussions, And More

Steam is the #1 gaming market for PCs, and the desktop client is quite robust (and big enough that performance-minded gamers complain about its RAM and processor footprint). The official mobile version of Steam has been slowly catching up to the desktop in terms of features, and today's update to version 2.1 is the biggest that's come in a long time. A laundry list of tools from the desktop and web versions of Steam are now available in the Android app, no pop-out required.

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Play Games v3.3 Prepares To Add Screen Recording And Live Streaming To YouTube Gaming [APK Teardown + Download]

After the launch of YouTube Gaming at the end of August, we posted a teardown of the new app that revealed plans to officially support screen recording and live streaming in the future. A recent announcement at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show Keynote (embedded below) confirmed Google's plans to enable Android devices to stream gaming footage to YouTube without the use of any additional software. The latest update to Play Games contains the evidence that Google is moving forward with this, and probably pretty soon.

Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong.
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YouTube Gaming v1.0 Rolls Out With Asteroids Easter Egg And Evidence Of Upcoming Screencasting Support [APK Teardown + Download]

Many gamers are acutely aware of the impending launch of Google's new live-streaming service YouTube Gaming, which will go head-to-head with Amazon's recently acquired After the last few months of beta testing, YouTube Gaming is finally set to leave beta later today to allow users from almost anywhere in the world to broadcast their own gameplay footage live to anybody who would like to watch. Google has just released the Android app, which serves as the guide and viewer for live shows and much of the recorded gaming content on YouTube. As usual, we've got the apk available for download, which may come in very handy since the Play Store will initially limit availability to residents of the US and UK.

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Sony Updates 'Live On YouTube' Xperia-Exclusive Live Broadcasting App With Pause, Mute, Tags, And More

Sony's awkwardly named "Live on YouTube" app has one purpose, to let you broadcast your video live to YouTube. The latest update adds a few features that make life easier for users. For starters, you can now pause as you're recording. Alternatively, if you're fine with people seeing what's going on but don't want them to hear everything, you can now mute the stream as well.

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Twitch Android App Updated With A Pop-Out Player That Can Show Video On Top Of Other Apps, But It's Pretty Janky Right Now

Video game live-streaming platform Twitch had a bit of an odd day yesterday. First the Android app was updated to version 4.2, with a new feature called the Pop-Out Player as the only addition. We tried out the app to see the feature... which didn't work. But that was apparently the least of Twitch's problems, as reviews on the Play Store and posts to Twitter immediately claimed that the update had made the app crash whenever it tried to launch video. (That's a big deal if you're a video streaming service.) In a matter of hours the Play Store app was rolled back to the previous version.

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Twitch For Android Gets New On-Demand Streaming Video, New App Icon, And A New Play Store Listing In The Latest Update

Why did the Twitch app move from its old Play Store listing at "" to a new one at "" Beats me - maybe it's because the added functionality in version 4.0 makes it more of a "full" interface for the popular streaming game video service, as opposed to simply a viewer. You still can't stream video directly from your Android device, but now you've got access to the whole expansive collection of gameplay videos.

2015-05-21 16.36.18

In particular, that includes previously-recorded video sessions and highlights, which used to be off-limits to the Android app for some reason. Twitch calls these "on-demand" videos, which is an odd way of classifying videos that aren't actually streaming live right at this moment.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Exits Its Invite-Only Burrow, Sticks Its Head Out Onto Google Play As A Public Beta

Meerkat integrates with your Twitter account to let you stream live video to the world (or at least anyone who clicks on your feed). If you've been waiting to play around with the service, or this idea just sounds invigorating to you, Meerkat is now exiting its invite-only beta and opening itself up to everyone on Google Play.

I hopped into the app long enough to watch a truck driver talk about his route and what he's hauling, see some guy chat really quickly in front of a computer, and start my own brief stream of a Chromebook sitting atop a desk.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Now Available On Android As An Invite-Only Beta

Have you been eagerly waiting to try the Meerkat live video streaming service, which launched as an iOS exclusive? Well you're probably going to have to wait a little longer. Meerkat is now available on Android, but only as a beta. And not a "come on in, the water's fine" Play Store beta, it's an invite-only beta being run from a Google Docs page. Invitations don't seem to be going out widely yet. We don't even have screenshots to show you. See, look down there. No screenshots anywhere.



If you're wondering what Meerkat is, it's basically a fusion of Twitter-based video apps like Vine with live-streaming mobile video.

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