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YouTube live streaming upgraded to 4K for standard and 360-degree videos

4K video, content with resolutions at roughly quadruple that of standard 1080p, is all the rage right now. We're finally seeing 4K-res televisions and computer monitors that are at least moderately affordable, and five will get you ten that some mainstream phone manufacturer next year will brag that it's crammed a 4K screen into a 5.5" form factor. YouTube is way ahead of the curve on this one: they've been offering 4K video uploads and playback on compatible hardware since 2010. Now they're expanding that capability to live streaming videos.

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YouTube v11.45 resumes work on quick seeking and live broadcasting from mobile [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube v11.45 began its rollout to users yesterday. There aren't any obvious changes within the app, but there are a few things to see outside of it if you're running on a device that sees either round launcher icons or app shortcuts. But that's not all there is to check out. A teardown of the APK lends some new details about a couple of previously discussed features coming to YouTube in the future.

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YouTube Gaming v1.9 adds a viewer counter to live streams and a new easter egg [APK Download]

An update to YouTube Gaming began rolling out last week, but this one is pretty tiny by most standards. While it surely has the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, the only visible change is a brand new counter above the chat box on live streams. Of course, with the increased version number, there is also a new Easter egg to track down, and the answer is in this post – if you happen to be a collector, that is. As always, if you don't already have the update, there's a download link at the bottom of the post.

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Periscope adds support for replay highlights, broadcasts in embeded tweets, and autoplay in the Android app

Periscope is Twitter's popular live streaming platform, and today it's getting a few new features. Everyone will be able to enjoy automated highlight reels and easier embedded broadcasts, but Android users in particular will also get autoplay functionality in the Periscope app.

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YouTube v11.25 begins preparation for mobile live streaming [APK Teardown]

YouTube is going to earn a reputation as a service that doesn't let anybody else stomp on its territory. In a story that sounds entirely too similar to the launch of YouTube Gaming to combat the success of Amazon-owned Twitch, rumors started circulating a few months ago with the suggestion YouTube had started preparing for a head-on fight with mobile livestreaming services like Periscope. It was no surprise when a formal announcement was made last week confirming YouTube would add live streaming to its flagship mobile app. The latest update to v11.25 contains evidence this is either ready to go, or at least in the works.

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YouTube introduces mobile live streaming, built directly into YouTube app

Live streaming is a big topic at the moment, what with Twitter (through Periscope) and Facebook introducing their own mobile solutions to the growing social market. Despite the fact YouTube is the biggest video repository on the web, it didn't have native mobile live streaming - until now.

Of course, YouTube has had live streaming for a while - Google I/O for one has been live streamed on the platform for the last few years. However, moving this platform to mobile is a pretty big leap, as it essentially means anyone will be able to live stream anything. According to YouTube's blog post, to start streaming all you'll have to do is hit a big red button in the app - I assume this will be a fairly prominent button - and you're off.

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YouTube Gaming v1.4.41 Adds Event Notifications, Not Interested Action For Recommended Videos, A New Easter Egg, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

The YouTube Gaming app is still young, but each version brings little bits of fine tuning. It's progressively catching up with the main YouTube app while also adding little features that are unique to its focus on gaming and live-streamed events. The latest update to v1.4.41 continues this forward motion with some more subtle adjustments to the interface and a couple of new features. The easter egg count has also gone up by one, and there's even a little bit for a teardown. As always, a link to the download is available at the end.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (things we found)

  • Recommended videos now have a 'Not interested' option in the overflow menu
  • "Go Live" has been removed from the main overflow menu
  • New "Event notifications" toggle in Settings –> General
  • Easter egg count went from 4 to 5

Not Interested

2016-06-09 21.30.132016-06-09 21.29.23

YouTube's recommendation engine isn't perfect, but once it has had time to learn our viewing habits, the results can be very good.

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YouTube Gains 360-Degree Live Streaming And Spatial Audio

360-degree video can have the effect of making you feel like you're standing in a different place. It's not unlike a previous technological innovation that sought to do the same thing—live video. Watching a live event on TV remains the most common alternative to getting tickets and attending in person.

Today Google has announced a marriage of the two. YouTube now supports live 360-degree video.

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YouTube Gaming v1.3.63 Includes Several Little Visual Enhancements [APK Download]

Google shipped quite a few updates this week, some of which are adding (or teasing) legitimate usability improvements, while others tend to be a bit more cosmetic. The new version of YouTube Gaming leans in the direction of the latter group, though some of its changes speak to subtle improvements for information visibility. There are quite a few little details and some of them aren't obvious unless you're looking very close.

What's New

2016-04-06 22.22.142016-04-06 22.22.29

Left: previous version. Right: latest version.

The first change stands out pretty clearly: it's a big new button in the title bar. Tapping on it will instantly launch the setup for live streaming from your own device.

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Facebook Introduces New Ways To Find, Share, And Interact With Live Video

Facebook recently introduced live video. Now it wants more users to start recording themselves. To entice people to do so, the company has rolled out a few enhancements.

Let's start with the people willing to stand in front of the camera. Since launch, you've been able to share streams with friends. Going forward, you can also show your feed to entire Facebook groups and events.

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