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Stadia is testing the ability to jump into a game with your favorite YouTube live streamers

Stadia had a lot of momentum when it debuted last year, but it's fair to say that it hasn't quite delivered on the hype yet. A lot of features were missing from the initial launch, but Google has been making progress. Stadia now supports gaming via 4G/5G, but you probably won't be able to play Fortnite anytime soon. Another teased capability that's been absent is live streaming to YouTube, but it looks like the first round of limited testing has now begun.

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Facebook Gaming app debuts in US as gaming and live streams spike during quarantine

After spending the past 18 months developing a platform for gamers of all sorts, Facebook is ready to introduce its Facebook Gaming app in the United States. The social media company is hoping to vie against Twitch and YouTube as coronavirus-related quarantine drives up stream watch times and hopes are held for big ad buys on the other side of the outbreak.

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YouTube v14.31 resurrects screencasting from the abandoned YouTube Gaming app [APK Download]

The YouTube Gaming app was officially shuttered at the end of May, and with it... well, not too much was lost. The app itself was basically a heavily skinned alternative to the regular YouTube app, but with a strict focus that limited video suggestions to game-oriented content. While most things were moved to the main YouTube app a while ago, one core feature didn't make it over before YouTube pulled the plug: Screencasting. That oversight has been corrected in the latest update to the YouTube app, so you can livestream your gaming sessions (or whatever else) like before.

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Slacker Radio rebranded as LiveXLive, focusing on streaming live performances [APK Download]

When LiveXLive acquired Slacker Radio for $50 million towards the end of 2017, it wasn't clear what the live music streaming service would do with the app. Eventually, the decision was made to combine the two platforms and the rebranded app is now live on the Play Store.

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YouTube Live gets improvements to latency, chat moderation, and iOS streaming

It's been a busy time for YouTube recently, with the launch of a more material desktop version and a new logo, which also made its way to the Android app. A lot of that was superficial, of course, and the site still functions in pretty much the same way. An increasingly popular feature is live streaming, and Google has just announced some improvements designed to make YouTube Live "faster, easier and more accessible."

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[Update: Stable app released] Microsoft renames Beam streaming platform to 'Mixer,' releases Android app as a beta

You may recall that Microsoft purchased Beam, a live streaming company, back in August of 2016. The Windows 10 Creators Update, which was released not too long ago, includes Beam support for streaming games without having to install additional software. Today Microsoft has renamed the service to 'Mixer,' and released a beta of the Android app.

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[Update: Now available in the Play Store] Game Live from Samsung will live stream your screen to Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube

Samsung gets a lot of stick for what's perceived as bloatware on its devices, even if that situation has improved somewhat in recent years. With that, it's easy to forget that the Korean company does actually produce some really useful software, as evidenced by a new app that's aimed at mobile gamers. Samsung Game Live will allow users to live stream their gaming prowess to various other services.

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Facebook Live gets new Live Chat With Friends, Live With features

If you are a user of Facebook Live, you have a few new features to look forward to. Today Facebook has announced that it is adding Live Chat With Friends and expanding access to Live With, each of which increases the ways you can engage with your friends during a live broadcast. Live Chat With Friends will allow you to enter into a private conversation with your buddies while you are watching a live feed together, though the feature is only in testing on mobile in certain countries for now.

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Livestream's Mevo camera now supports YouTube Live

Last year, Livestream (yes, there is a company called Livestream) released the Mevo camera, a small device designed for live broadcasting on the go. It was the first camera with integrated Facebook Live streaming, along with support for Livestream's own service (Periscope support came later). Now the beta versions of the iOS and Android apps support streaming straight to YouTube.

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[Update: 1K subscribers required] YouTube is dropping the 10K subscriber requirement for mobile live streaming

Back in February, the YouTube app on Android added the ability to livestream straight from your phone/tablet, much like Periscope and Instagram Live. There was one catch - your channel needed at least 10,000 subscribers to use the feature. Now Google appears to be dropping that requirement, expanding live streaming to even more users.

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