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Plenty of Fish adds video chat so you can keep dating during social isolation

As modern society rapidly prepares for what will become one of the loneliest times we will likely ever know, it doesn't mean singles have to be stuck in limbo until things return to normal. Dating service Plenty of Fish is launching a new video streaming feature that will make it easier for potential dates to meet virtually without abandoning the practice of social distancing for an IRL meeting.

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Google Cloud Next turns into digital-only conference amidst coronavirus concerns

One by one, major conferences and events have been postponed or cancelled in response to the spread of COVID-19, widely referred to simply by the name: Coronavirus. Most major cancellations were occurring for events scheduled in February and March, but it was inevitable organizers would have to begin dealing with events further out on the calendar. The latest name to get his is Google Cloud Next, an event focused on building software using Google services and other web technologies. However, instead of cancelling the event, Google Cloud is turning it into a virtual conference.

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Watch today's Made by Google event here

Google's yearly hardware launch event is almost upon us. We already went over everything you can expect to see, but the main products of interest will be the Pixel 3 and 3XL, the Chrome OS-equipped Pixel Slate tablet, and the Google Home Hub.

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Watch Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked livestream here

We've been anticipating Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked for several weeks, and it's finally here. Granted, we've already heard about most of the Galaxy Note9's specs and features, but we're expecting to see the Galaxy Watch here as well.

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YouTube mobile streaming is open to all, no longer has a subscriber requirement [Update]

The ability to Go Live on YouTube (not to be confused with the entirely unrelated YouTube Go) previously required that you have 1,000 subscribers, and before that the requirement was set at 10K. In a bid to compete with other services, it looks like that limit has been dropped further, all the way to zero. That's right, now everyone can Go Live on YouTube without any subscribers. The only requirements are a verified channel and no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. We've reached out to the YouTube team to confirm the change.

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Livestream's Mevo camera now supports YouTube Live

Last year, Livestream (yes, there is a company called Livestream) released the Mevo camera, a small device designed for live broadcasting on the go. It was the first camera with integrated Facebook Live streaming, along with support for Livestream's own service (Periscope support came later). Now the beta versions of the iOS and Android apps support streaming straight to YouTube.

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Facebook expands live streaming to desktop site, streaming software now available for personal profiles

Facebook is trying its hardest to break into online video, between adding live streaming to the mobile Facebook app to creating a 360-degree video viewer for the Gear VR. Today the company announced another expansion of its Facebook Live feature, this time for the desktop.

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Instagram 10.12 allows you to save live video after broadcasting it

Instagram Live is one of several ways to live stream from your phone, but it always had one catch - you couldn't save the broadcast after it was over. Both Periscope and YouTube mobile streaming support this feature. Thankfully, Instagram now allows you to save live video after the broadcast is over.

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YouTube Gaming v1.9 adds a viewer counter to live streams and a new easter egg [APK Download]

An update to YouTube Gaming began rolling out last week, but this one is pretty tiny by most standards. While it surely has the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, the only visible change is a brand new counter above the chat box on live streams. Of course, with the increased version number, there is also a new Easter egg to track down, and the answer is in this post – if you happen to be a collector, that is. As always, if you don't already have the update, there's a download link at the bottom of the post.

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YouTube Gaming v1.3.63 Includes Several Little Visual Enhancements [APK Download]

Google shipped quite a few updates this week, some of which are adding (or teasing) legitimate usability improvements, while others tend to be a bit more cosmetic. The new version of YouTube Gaming leans in the direction of the latter group, though some of its changes speak to subtle improvements for information visibility. There are quite a few little details and some of them aren't obvious unless you're looking very close.

What's New

2016-04-06 22.22.142016-04-06 22.22.29

Left: previous version. Right: latest version.

The first change stands out pretty clearly: it's a big new button in the title bar. Tapping on it will instantly launch the setup for live streaming from your own device.

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