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Hands-on with Motion Photos: Google's version of Apple's Live Photos

Google's new Motion Photos might have flown under your radar when it was announced last week in the context of the Google Clips, but that's not surprising—there was a lot going on. Since then, we've reached out to Google for more information and, combined with our own hands-on, we've got a good understanding of what goes into a Motion Photo.

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Google Releases App For iOS That Turns Video Clips Into Motion-Stabilized GIFs, And I Want It Now

Taking photos is fun, and so is taking videos. But what about that magical area in-between the two - something that is much more than a photo, but still substantially less than a full-on HD video clip with audio? We all, of course, are aware of the existence of GIFs and their imperfections, but they occupy this niche quite nicely, in particular because they're highly portable and easy to view on any device.

Google has released a new app for iOS recognizing this, but it's gone further yet, and made GIFs even more awesome. Remember HTC's Zoe? Remember when Apple basically ripped it off with Live Photos?

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[Hands-On] Camera MX Now Takes iOS-Like "Live Photos" On Android

Introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Live Photos was a new iOS feature that created a more dynamic photo experience. Instead of being limited to the single shot that users see when they press the shutter button, the camera would capture several shots around that moment, allowing you to move a few seconds or milliseconds and choose a better timed picture. Another benefit was the creation of a small stop-motion or gif-like animation of the different photos, to capture the breadth of the moment instead of fixing one frame in time.

I liked the Live Photos idea and was certain that some enterprising Android developers would soon bring it to their third-party camera app.

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