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Google Contacts v2.3 may add real-time location sharing [APK Teardown]

Google is starting off the week with an update to the Contacts app. After poking around for quite some time, it looks like there aren't any notable changes on the surface, but changes to the resources suggest that we'll soon be able to turn on real-time location sharing with other people directly from within the Contacts app.

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WhatsApp now rolling out live location sharing

Live location sharing is pretty popular. Google Maps added it back in March, followed by Facebook Messenger the same month and Snapchat in June. Given that Messenger has had it for a few months, it makes sense that the feature would eventually make its way to Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

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Google disables location sharing in Google+ before enabling it for everyone in Google Maps

Last week, Google announced new location sharing features in Google Maps that would allow you to easily share your current position momentarily or indefinitely with select people. The option is the same that we've had in Google+ for a few years, except it would now be in the app that made most sense, Maps. It also follows Google's trend of decoupling options and features from Google+.

In the official announcement, Google said the feature would be rolling out "soon" worldwide, but didn't give an exact timeline, and we have yet to see it on our devices regardless of the version of Maps we're running.

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