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Google quietly removed custom 'My Case' option for Pixels from its store

When you get a new phone, you almost certainly want to protect it from drops and scuffs by putting it in a case. For most popular devices, you can choose from a sheer infinite amount of options, but most of them are neither individual nor too pretty and only good for what they need to be good at – they shield your device from damage. Google took another approach and added the ability to customize the look of your Pixel phone protector with its "My Case" program. However, coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 3a, the company quietly took away these custom options from the Pixel 3.

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Most Wanted: Android Police's five favorite accessories from 2016

We mobile tech nerds love our accessories, and manufacturers love to sell them to us. Between wearables, VR headsets, and voice-controlled home automation, accessories for smartphones have never been more varied. We've covered and reviewed quite a few this year on Android Police, and here are our picks for the top five.

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Google brings street art to the Live Cases with En Masse

More and more Live Cases are becoming available, bringing a wide variety of phone protection to suit most aesthetic preferences. In keeping with this, Google announced the En Masse line of Live Cases in collaboration with the multi-artist collaborative group EN MASSE, who specialize in large-scale, "spontaneous" drawings.

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[Update: Now on the Google Store] Verizon shows two new Live Cases for the Pixels that don't seem to be announced yet

Verizon has decided, whether on purpose or accident, to show two as-yet-unannounced Live Cases for the Pixels. These are not ones you would find on the Google Store. The blue option for the Earth case looks a lot like one of the wallpapers from last year's Nexus phones, which makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

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The Google Live Case 'Shortcut Button' Looks Familiar - Workshop May Still Be Alive After All

Way back in August of 2014, we got a peek at a service Google was experimenting with, at the time called "Workshop." The service would allow users to create customized cases for their Nexus 5, featuring either photos or map imagery of their choice. The cases would come with a special live wallpaper, also customized around the user's preferences.

After that post, though, everything was quiet. We didn't hear or see any new motion on Workshop until last month, when a customized Google Maps case popped up on a Googler's Google+ profile. The case was on a Nexus 6, and looked really similar to the cases we'd seen before.

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