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YouTube v12.03 hints at intelligent auto-download for offline viewing, Picture-in-Picture support for Android TV, and viewer polls [APK Teardown]

YouTube has been racking up a long list of features awaiting release – some discovered in teardowns and others have even been announced. The version that began rolling out late yesterday doesn't appear to have introduced anything like live broadcasts or a wide release of the quick seek button, but it does add to the list of things we know are coming. A teardown of the APK turns up evidence of a new feature to intelligently fill a device with videos for offline enjoyment, online polling for live broadcast viewers, and Picture-in-Picture support on Android TV.

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YouTube v12.01 fine tunes an unruly seek bar, hints at video previews, event listings, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube began rolling out with a major new version today, making the leap to v12. You might be expecting some big features when the big number goes up by one, but this update doesn't appear to be packing anything too exceptional. There's a fix for an obnoxious interface issue, but that's about it for changes in the live interface. What's more interesting are a few upcoming items visible through the lens of a teardown. There are hints of a new video preview feature, listings for upcoming ticketed events, and even a few nuggets for the long-awaited Quick Seek and live broadcasting features.

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YouTube v11.45 resumes work on quick seeking and live broadcasting from mobile [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube v11.45 began its rollout to users yesterday. There aren't any obvious changes within the app, but there are a few things to see outside of it if you're running on a device that sees either round launcher icons or app shortcuts. But that's not all there is to check out. A teardown of the APK lends some new details about a couple of previously discussed features coming to YouTube in the future.

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YouTube v11.25 begins preparation for mobile live streaming [APK Teardown]

YouTube is going to earn a reputation as a service that doesn't let anybody else stomp on its territory. In a story that sounds entirely too similar to the launch of YouTube Gaming to combat the success of Amazon-owned Twitch, rumors started circulating a few months ago with the suggestion YouTube had started preparing for a head-on fight with mobile livestreaming services like Periscope. It was no surprise when a formal announcement was made last week confirming YouTube would add live streaming to its flagship mobile app. The latest update to v11.25 contains evidence this is either ready to go, or at least in the works.

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Twitter Launches Periscope, A Live-Streaming App That It Bought For Around $100 Million—But The Android Version Will Have To Wait

Periscope was born in February of 2014, and before launching a product, it attracted the attention of a number of investors. Then Twitter bought it for something resembling $100 million. The deal closed early this year, and now the two are ready to introduce Periscope to the public.

Unfortunately, the Android version will have to wait. This is an iOS-only launch.

Periscope1 Periscope2 Periscope3

So what is Periscope? It's like Twitter, but with video. Instead of sending out a message to your followers the moment something happens, you fire up a live video stream and invite them to come watch instead.

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