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How to set up Live Albums and recent photo highlights on Google Nest Hub (and other Smart Displays)

One of the most appealing uses of a Google Nest Hub or other Assistant Smart Display is as a photo album viewer. It plugs in to Google Photos and rotates through any album you want to view, providing you with (hopefully) good memories throughout the day as you pass by when it's idle. But static albums can be boring after a while, that's why you can make some live-updating ones so you never have to manually choose or change anything.

In the tutorial below, I'll explain how you can create dynamic albums that automatically add photos of specific people or pets in your life, then set them up to show on your Google Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View, or any other upcoming Assistant speaker with a built-in display.

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Google Photos bumps album limit up to 20,000 pictures and videos

Live Albums, announced in early October of this year, offers Google Photos users an easy way to create albums that automatically add new photos of specific people and pets. Shortly after it was announced, however, it became clear that, for many users, the 10,000 photo limit on private albums was far too low. Thankfully for those users, Google has now raised the private album limit to match the shared album limit at 20,000 images.

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7 Tips and tricks to make the most of Google Photos Live Albums

Google Photos started rolling out Live Albums a couple of weeks ago. The feature, while simple in that it lets you automatically add faces to albums, is a little more complex than that. In this article, I will explore a few of the intricacies of Live Albums and help you make the most out of the feature.

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[Update: Confirmation + starting fresh] Google Photos Live Albums are limited to 10,000 photos, won't add more after that

Live Albums rolled out to Google Photos a few weeks ago, but as users got excited and started creating their automated albums of people and pets, some of them noticed an upper limit that wasn't exactly publicized: a Live Album can only contain 10,000 pics and no new ones will be added after that limit has been reached.

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[Update: Lenovo gets it] Smart displays will soon get multi-room audio, Home View, improved device control, and more

Google has just announced a "major" OTA update for all smart displays. Coming at the end of the month, the update will introduce some much-requested changes, such as multi-room audio grouping, as well as features shown off at the recent Made By Google event. That includes the Home View smart home device management; some trickle-over functionality from Digital Wellbeing; tighter Next Hello Doorbell integration; and new/improved control for devices including TVs, set-top boxes, speakers, and smart remotes — including the Logitech Harmony.

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[Update: Coming to smart displays] Google Photos Live Albums automatically upload your best photos to your Home Hub

One of the features people love most about Google Photos is the automatic backup of pictures and videos. The Home Hub brings that to the next level with Google Photos Live Albums, which automatically upload your photos to your Home Hub to show you a constantly-changing slideshow.

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Google Photos v4.1 prepares live albums, mixing together of albums and shared libraries [APK Teardown]

Google Photos is fairly fresh off of its Material Theme update, but the latest version doesn't appear to have any significant changes on the surface to add to the new look. But that's not where the interesting things are on this update, we're looking into the APK to find details of what is coming in the future. The big addition will be an enhanced album that uses facial recognition to fill itself with pictures of your family and friends. Photos will also begin directing people to install a RAW editor if they're taking photos in that mode.

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