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Huawei reportedly planning two more smartwatches without Wear OS

Wear OS has gained a bit of momentum lately, with the release of several new watches and some major software updates, but Huawei still doesn't seem particularly interested in it. The Huawei Watch GT was released last year (and arrived in the US last month), but it runs the company's own Lite OS. According to WinFuture, Huawei is planning two more variations of the GT.

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Microsoft's answer to Chromebooks may be 'Lite OS'

Microsoft has tried for years to stop the rapid market share growth of Chromebooks. First, the company tried to optimize Windows has much as it could, allowing it to (somewhat) run on cheap Atom-based tablets and laptops. Microsoft later released Windows 10 'S', which couldn't run traditional Windows apps. Now it seems the company is going even further, by developing a whole new operating system — Lite OS.

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