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Instagram Lite is dead, all hail full-fat Instagram (Update: Potential relaunch)

Social media platforms have maintained slimmed-down versions of their apps in the past few years to grab more users from developing markets with low-end hardware. Facebook, however, has decided to shut down Instagram Lite and is now redirecting users to the main app. The company has not said why.

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[Update: Go and Mini apps too] Play Store now recommending lite apps to some users

Over the past year or two, we've seen a rise of 'lite' apps - lightweight alternative applications for popular services. Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, and Twitter Lite are just a few examples. But it's not always obvious to users that these alternatives exist, unless they happen to appear high up on Play Store search results.

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Shazam Lite weighs 1MB, uses little data, works offline, and is coming to select countries today

The regular Shazam app is becoming more and more of a social network centered around music than the music discovery engine it once was. It weighs over 27MB, tries to load recommendations and popular tracks each time you open it, and has charts and Auto Shazam, and plenty of features that you may not need or want especially when you're on a slow network or have limited bandwidth. That's why Shazam Lite was created.

It goes to the heart of Shazam: music recognition.

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