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Hashtags and profile links now work in Instagram bios

Starting today, profile links and hashtags in Instagram bios will work the way they do elsewhere on the platform: as clickable links. Instagram is billing the functionality as "a new way to express yourself and the things you care about."

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[Hands-on] Chromer becomes Lynket with plenty of additions for version 2.0

The idea behind Chromer, when it first launched, was that it would open all links you clicked on in a Chrome Custom Tab. At the time, not many apps had implemented Custom Tabs so Chromer avoided their built-in browsers, and it also saved your device from having to open the full Chrome browser while still giving you the benefits of its rendering, security, and saved passwords. Now with Custom Tabs being used by more and more apps, the benefit of Chromer is a little less clear. That's why the app has been overhauled, renamed from Chromer to Lynket, grown to version 2.0, and it's now more geared toward giving you the freedom to handle your links whichever way you want.

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Stories that link to faster-loading webpages will soon see priority in the Facebook app's News Feed

In its continuing quest to improve your News Feed/app experience, or just be creepy, Facebook has announced a shift in how it shows you external links to other webpages. The gist is that FB will show you more stories that will load faster, and less of the ones that may take longer for you to see.

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Google Feed now displays Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) links

Back in February of last year, Google unveiled Accelerated Mobile Pages - or AMP, for short. In a nutshell, sites can choose to generate AMP versions of their pages (with an automated tool or site plugin), which load extremely quick compared to normal sites. This is due to various restrictions, compression on the included images/video, and caching by Google's own servers.

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Instagram now supports links and landscape/portrait images in direct messages

Instagram isn't just for posting pictures of food anymore. Whether you like it or not, the app has branched out to become a Snapchat competitor too, and now its direct messaging abilities are getting an upgrade.

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Google Is Testing Proper Post Sharing To Apps In Google+ For Android, Which Rather Annoyingly Wasn't A Thing Already

Google+ is a pretty great social media platform - it allows content of all lengths, many types, and it presents in a readable, ad-free way. But not everybody uses Google+, and that's understandable, we've all got plenty of social media in our lives at this point, and Google+ is just another platform to keep track of. But sometimes you want to share a great Google+ post, and if you were to do that on your Android device, that meant just copying a link to the post to your device's clipboard. Not ideal, necessarily, given that Android has literally been built upon sharing content between various apps seamlessly and with as few taps as possible.

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[For Developers] New Website "The Android Arsenal" Links To Hundreds Of Great Libraries And Tools For App Development

Hunting down good libraries can be a pretty tedious chore for developers. Sometimes we know what we want, but can't find the right keywords for a search. Other times we're already familiar with one option but want to find alternatives that might work better for our project. And sometimes, we just need a little inspiration. Take a look at The Android Arsenal, a large categorized directory of Android-oriented projects that can go a long way toward speeding up your development.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.32.05 PM

Android Arsenal is only a few days old and it's already up to 254 links (at the time of this writing).

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Facebook For Android Beta 3.5 Finally Starts Opening (Some) Links In The App Instead Of The Browser

Remember the latest Facebook beta update v3.5? The one that brought photo saving and got rid of the legacy menu button, among other things. Looks like there's another change we didn't spot - one that's roughly 3 years overdue.

Starting with v3.5, the Facebook app finally registers itself as one of the apps capable of opening links, so that when you click on, say, a new comment email notification, Facebook is right there instead of all your installed browsers. Hallelujah.

The support is very limited so far - in fact, only links that start with (n stands for notifications, presumably) are being handled at the moment.

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