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Google issues joint statement with Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Reddit, pledging to fight coronavirus misinformation

Today several of the bigger technology and social media companies, including Google, Facebook, Reddit, Microsoft, and Twitter, issued a joint industry statement regarding their response to the coronavirus. All of the companies are committed to "combating fraud and misinformation."

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LinkedIn reaches 500 million installs on the Play Store

LinkedIn is a popular tool for those looking for their next job, allowing them to build a professional profile with everything a potential employer would need to know. As well as creating your profile, LinkedIn helps forge connections with other professionals, as well as companies themselves, making it one of the best tools available when looking for work. This popularity, along with an actively developed Android app, lead it to a new milestone: 500 million installs on the Play Store.

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LinkedIn is reportedly preparing a dark mode for its app

Dark mode has become one of the most requested features nowadays, and it only makes sense a growing number of companies are designing their apps accordingly. Following in the footsteps of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, LinkedIn is reportedly working on a dark theme for its app.

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LinkedIn somehow bamboozled 100 million people into installing its Android app

Everybody these days has a LinkedIn account, but mostly out of obligation. People don't consciously want to create one like they do with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; they do it because it's what's expected of them. For that reason, it's somewhat surprising that LinkedIn has managed to bamboozle 100 million people (or rather, Google accounts) into downloading its app from the Play Store.

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LinkedIn Lite is a tiny 1MB app that will help people in emerging markets find jobs [APK Download]

No matter how much people may dislike it, LinkedIn is still a staple of job searches and connection creating. The Microsoft-owned company has followed in Facebook's footsteps and unveiled a lite version of its "social network" called LinkedIn Lite, a 1MB-small app that LinkedIn is aiming at emerging markets with less powerful devices and slower data connections, starting with India.

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Microsoft Is Buying LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

Microsoft doesn't have a social network of its own, but it does have a giant pile of money. When you've got that, you can have anything you want. Microsoft has just announced it will purchase business-oriented social network LinkedIn for an incredible $26.2 billion dollars. That's 26.2 Instagrams or roughly the entire annual GDP of Estonia.

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LinkedIn Tries To Get College Kids Hooked Early With The LinkedIn Students App

College students: don't sign up for LinkedIn. Please. It's easily the worst social network on the block, career-focused structure notwithstanding. LinkedIn is the 21st century version of the Columbia House Record Club... not that any of you are old enough to remember it. However, at some point you might find that you're forced to create a profile and start playing the most boring MMO on the planet. If you've resigned yourself to such a fate, then I suppose LinkedIn Students isn't such a terrible place to start.

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LinkedIn Finally Gets A Material Design Makeover In Its 4.0 Update

LinkedIn's main app rarely gets significantly updated. It has added a few new features here and there over the past years, but it has looked the same since time immemorial. Very Holo, very grey, very Ice Cream Sandwich. You can finally bid adieu to that old design though, since version 4.0 is ready to coat your smartphone's screen with fresh animations, a cleaner design, more white, better use of space, and some nicer transitions and animations.

LinkedIn's design reshuffled and reorganized the app too. Gone is the side drawer, replaced by a blue bar at the top with icons for each tab. Swipe left and right to switch between your feed, profile, messages, connections, and search.

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LinkedIn Pulse Gets Updated, Offers A More Personalized Business-Oriented News Feed

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has been trying to dissect its social network into several parts that it builds dedicated apps for. Luckily, these apps are usually non-essential, so you can skip them if you want to or use them if you find their features handy. Pulse is one such example. Think of it as Flipboard for LinkedIn, ie a news reader that focuses on your industry and your interests, and lets you discover relevant articles and people.

Pulse started out as a popular independent news reader for Android and iOS, then was purchased by LinkedIn, which proceeded to release their first LinkedIn Pulse app to the Play Store.

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