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Signal adds optional link previews for Imgur, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube

We don't often discuss Signal here at AP, not out of any sort of distaste, but because it adds new features and improvements at a slower pace than WhatsApp or Telegram. But if you happen to use Signal, then the new version has link previews in store for you. It's limited to four websites for now, but it's a good start.

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Android Messages 3.6 brings richer search interface, better automatic previews, and an updated icon [APK Download]

Yesterday, Google announced an update to Android Messages that would bring a new richer search interface with people and categories front and center. Today, the new version of Messages is starting to roll out with that change and a few more things in tow.

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Android Messages v3.2 adds link previews, prepares dark mode and notification improvements to Messages for Web [APK Teardown]

Google I/O is in full swing, and that means app updates are going to be rolling out in force. I'm sitting here in the press box before the keynote, but that won't stop the teardowns from happening. An update to the Android Messages app landed yesterday, bringing with it newly added capabilities to show link previews. Coming in from the teardown, we've got signs of a new dark mode and some helpful controls for the upcoming Messages for Web feature.

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[Update: Community moderation is rolling out] Google+ v8.6 is rolling out with support for images and link previews in comments [APK Download]

Google announced yesterday that the Google+ "Web Preview" has been officially promoted to the standard interface in browsers and the Classic UI would vanish in the next few weeks. Alongside this news, a few new features were also mentioned, including support for embedded images and link previews in comment threads and new community moderation features. Not to be left out, there's a new update for the Google+ app rolling out today with the new comment features. Community moderation doesn't appear to be enabled yet, but based on a recent teardown, it's probably coming soon.

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