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Google Assistant can now send Line messages

Assistant is a convenient way of interacting with your phone when your hands aren't free, especially when driving or cooking. Google's helper can already send messages over native and third-party apps, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat. The service just got the ability to do so with Line, too, making it easier for users to keep in touch with friends without touching their device.

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Just a Line gets promised collaborative update, goes cross-platform [APK Download]

Google released augmented reality doodling app Just a Line back in March. The neat (if frivolous) app lets you draw shapes in the air that realistically float in place as you move around them, looking through your phone's display. Now, two users are able to share one doodling space across separate devices — even if one is an Android phone and the other is an iPhone.

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LINE Reaches 500 Million Downloads On Google Play, More Proof Of How Popular Messaging Apps Are

LINE, a messaging app popular in Asia, and growing in popularity in Europe and America, has passed 500 million downloads on the Play Store, joining an exclusive club which currently includes Dropbox, Instagram, and Skype.

LINE reportedly has 700 million users, according to estimates last year. Like many messaging apps, LINE can do voice calls and video chats, plus stickers and basic photo/video storage. Two of its key rivals, Messenger and WhatsApp, both owned by Facebook, have 900 million and 1 billion users (and both have over 1 billion downloads), so LINE still has a way to go until it achieves world domination, at least in the messaging space.

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The LINE Is Drawn On MixRadio: Music Streaming Service To Be Discontinued In The Next Weeks

Another one bites the dust. MixRadio, we hardly knew ya on Android. The service, which started as Nokia's Comes With Music in 2007 then was renamed to Nokia MixRadio and just MixRadio after Microsoft's acquisition, was later bought by LINE in March of 2015. After that, it went through a wide expansion, launching Android and iOS apps in May, joining the Apple Watch, Amazon, and Tizen platforms, and even starting web clients for Windows and Mac. It looked like things were going well for MixRadio, especially with its growing popularity in India and Indonesia, and over 5M installs on the Play Store.

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AirDroid 3.2 Update Adds Clipboard And Keyboard Sharing Between Phones And PCs, Skype Notification Reply Support, And More

It's no secret that we at Android Police are huge fans of AirDroid. A big part of that is because the developer is constantly updating the app with new features. So it is with the latest version, 3.2, which adds a handful of new goodies to the remote management tool. Some of these require use with an updated version of the dedicated desktop app (instead of the more popular browser version).

The coolest addition to the program is the ability to type directly into input fields on your phone with your computer's keyboard, which is now the best possible solution for typing on Android until someone releases a mechanical keyboard five inches wide.

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SendHub Arrives On Android, Provides Cheap Calling And Texting For Businesses In U.S. And Canada

Google Voice is a great service for replacing your carrier's voicemail and texting options. If you need something that's a bit more robust, however, SendHub has launched on Android and allows business-class users to set up a phone number (or set of numbers) and get texting and calling for free or cheap, depending on what class of service you need.

sendhub1 sendhub2 sendhub3

Free users can get 60 voice minutes, 500 messages, and 3 groups of 50 contacts for their first line. That probably won't be enough to convince the average user to ditch their current phone number, but for a new business line (or a throwaway), it can be great.

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[New App] Autodesk Introduces SketchBook Ink For Tablets, A Well-Built Line Drawing Tool With Huge Exports For $4.99

Autodesk has a fantastic record of powerful, well-built apps. Continuing the pattern, the Pixlr Express makers today released SketchBook Ink, a (you guessed it) sketching and line work app specifically built for tablets 7" and above.

While SketchBook Ink is perhaps not up to handling a professional illustrator's full time workflow, it's a versatile tool with functionality that's suprisingly sophisticated for a mobile app. Ink's got a full screen workspace built on a "new resolution independent engine," with seven preset ink styles, a wonderful color picker (with RGB sliders, a color wheel, and a block for shade selection), layering options, and plenty of options to explore.

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Samsung's Newest "Next Big Thing" Ad Is Just Like Last Year's Model, But Slightly Bigger

Last year, Samsung revolutionized parodies of revolutions. Now, they've revolutionized the revolutionizing of making fun of revolutionizing revolutions. The Korean manufacturer has released the newest iteration of its "Next Big Thing" series of ads. This model has 50% more runtime than last year's model. New features include "the iPhone is for your parents," "we've had 4G for a while," and the totally not subtext-laden "my screen is bigger than your screen."

The new 90-second spot will be available tonight on national TV. No word yet on whether the ad will be compatible with current consumer biases, or if users will have to upgrade their snark to take the commercial seriously.

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Samsung Grabs Trademarks For A Bevy Of New Smartphones Including Galaxy Forge, Victory, And Wield

Samsung - staying true to form - went on a trademark-filing rampage recently, snatching up trademarks for six new devices, described in the documents only as "Mobile telephones; Smartphones."

The newly-trademarked device names include Lunge (SN 85621870), Galaxy Forge (SN 8561866), Galaxy Wield (SN 85621864), Galaxy Mission (SN 85621859), Galaxy Rivet (SN 85621854), and the Galaxy Victory (SN 85621853).


Considering these are just trademark filings, there's no way of knowing when (if ever) we may see smartphones with these names, or what the devices will be like.

Of course, the question of just what Sammy is planning to do with these names would be slightly more compelling if the manufacturer's penchant for wild-hare trademark grabbing weren't so established.

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[Video] HTC Shows Off 'One' Line In Series Of Promotional Videos

Building on the hype surrounding HTC's new line of Android-powered smartphones, the Taiwanese manufacturer has released a series of promotional videos, showcasing the HTC One series and each device's individual strengths.

For those who may have somehow missed the buzz thus far, HTC's One series is packing some pretty impressive hardware, from the One X with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, to the more budget-minded One V with its 1GHz processor and pocket-friendly 3.7" display. For a full look at HTC's new lineup, see our initial post here.

First up in the video onslaught is the One X, the biggest and baddest of the new lineup.

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