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Gameloft's Royale Rising just landed on the Play Store as a limited early access title

Gameloft is throwing its hat into the battle royale ring with a top-down shooter called Royale Rising. A team based in Brisbane Australia is developing the title, and if you'd like to take a look at how their work is progressing, you can jump into the limited early access beta today to give it a spin. The listing is only available to those who live in the US and Canada, and there is no word how long this beta will last, so if you want to check it out, make sure to do so soon.

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[Hands-on] Fortnite for Android, the most frustrating version to play yet

Alright all you Fortnite fans, it's time to take an up-close look at the recent Galaxy Apps store release to see what Epic Games has actually delivered for Android. As you all surely know by now, Fortnite will not be listed on the Play Store. Instead, the APK will be published on Epic's website once the exclusivity deal with Samsung is over. Beta access has just opened up for non-Samsung users, but in order to score an invitation you will have to register on Epic's Fortnite beta webpage first. So if you are eager to get your hands on the game but have yet to play, let me outline exactly what you can expect in this hands-on with the Android version of Fortnite.

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Retro MMORPG 'Old School Runescape' begins members-only beta

Jagex originally announced that Old School Runescape would be coming to mobile last July, and as you can imagine MMORPG fans from around the world rejoiced. Since then people have been getting antsy thanks to the many high-profile classic MMOs that have also been announced for mobile that have yet to see a proper release. Well, it would appear that Jagex is one of the few devs that is going to deliver. Old School RuneScape is finally listed on the Play Store, though it's only available as a members-only beta. An $11 monthly subscription to the game is required.

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