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Celebrate summer with Dead Zebra's newest Android mini special

If you love to collect vinyl Bugdroid figurines — just because they're so damn cute — you'll want to make some time tomorrow morning to reserve a limited edition design from Dead Zebra. From 8 a.m. Pacific tomorrow, you can grab a special Android Mini figure to celebrate the dog days of summer.

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The Withings Nokia Steel Limited Edition hybrid smartwatch drops to an all-time low of $64 (50% off)

Some people see smartwatches as gadgets and prefer to wear an old-fashioned style timepiece. Hybrid watches offer a good compromise between looking traditional with just the right amount of technology in them to keep track of your activity and wellbeing. The Withings Nokia Steel does that perfectly, as it looks just like a regular wristwatch, but has an extra dial to indicate how much of your daily fitness goals you've achieved.

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[Update: Available again] OnePlus 6 limited edition Silk White sells out in a day, new drop scheduled for June 12th

OnePlus' new Silk White variant of the OnePlus 6 is an attractive device. It even sold me on the merits of a white phone, though I've been a staunch advocate against them. Apparently a lot of other people felt the same. According to its site, OnePlus has burned through its stock in a bit over a day. Thankfully, another limited drop is coming on June 12th.

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Galaxy Note8 Olympic Games Limited Edition comes with a white back, gold accents, and themed wallpapers

You might recall that Samsung produced an Olympic Games Limited Edition of the Galaxy S7 edge that was distributed to every Olympian competing (well, except for the North Koreans). The South Korean manufacturer is doing the same thing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in its home country with some very eye-catching Galaxy Note8s.

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[Hands-on] OnePlus announces limited edition Sandstone White OnePlus 5T

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5T in November, just a few months after the OnePlus 5. While the price was slightly higher, the 5T added a few notable features like an 18:9 display and rear-facing fingerprint reader. Since then, OnePlus has dropped the limited edition Star Wars 5T in India, and now a similar device is coming to the rest of us. The new Sandstone White OnePlus 5T doesn't have Star Wars branding, but it seems otherwise identical right down to the bright red alert slider.

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The OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition sports an elaborate Easter egg featuring R2-D2

It's not uncommon to see an Easter egg in a movie, but there aren't nearly as many instances of this in movie-branded products. But the folks over at OnePlus decided to have a little fun with the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition, throwing a pretty elaborate Easter egg into the box of every Star Wars version.

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[Deal Alert] Get an LG Signature Edition with a zirconium ceramic back, 256GB of storage, and two pairs of B&O headphones for just ~$1,820 ($1000 extra) in South Korea

The LG V30 has the best build quality of any LG phone we've ever seen, but perhaps that's still not premium enough for you. Perhaps you're a high-class individual who needs to have the fanciest materials and the most exclusive trinkets. If so, you're in luck - LG has announced the Signature Edition, a V30 with a fancy back, upgraded RAM and storage, two pairs of included headphones, optional engraving, and a much more classy price of 2,000,000 Korean won ($1820 USD).

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Star Wars Edition OnePlus 5T is official, goes on sale Dec 14 in India

OnePlus has launched a few limited editions of its phones in the past, such as the Midnight Black OP3T. Rumors have been circulating about a possible Star Wars Edition of the 5T, and now it has been officially announced in India.

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ZTE's new, "enhanced" Axon 7 features Force Touch, more RAM and storage, and a $500 price tag

When the Axon 7 launched in China in late May, a more powerful version with a pressure-sensitive display debuted alongside it. That version was only available in China - until now. ZTE has just announced the improved Axon 7 that China has had all along for the US market, and it costs $100 more than the standard model.

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Samsung announces a limited edition Olympics version of the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Olympic Games in Rio are shaping up to be incredibly entertaining, in the same sense that one watches a kindergarten play to see how long it takes the kid in the bunny costume to wet himself and run away. But for those of you who still believe in the spirit and the majesty of the Olympic Games (you, in the back, stop that chuckling), Samsung has produced a limited edition of its flagship device with an official license. This time it's the Galaxy S7 Edge in black, with gold, blue, green, red, and white trim to match the colors of the Olympic rings.

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